Advertisement Specifications

Ads on ATTIC receive great placement and visibility. Therefore we ask that all ads use a clean and aesthetically tasteful design.

All ads and click destinations are subject to review. Unless otherwise negotiated, we ask that ads adhere to our general policies.

For maximum visibility and device compatibility, two versions of each ad are required. Please see below.

General Ad Policies

  1. Include a local reference that connects your brand or product to the local/regional market. For example, include the city and state where your store is located or business is based (e.g, "Acme Corp is proudly based in Baltimore, MD.").
  2. Use only static images. We do not support animated banner ads.
  3. Avoid using strongly saturated background colors purely to gain the attention of the user.
  4. Do not use images, graphics or other content in your ads for which you do not have permission and appropriate rights to use.
  5. All ads must fall in line with a "G" or "PG" rating.

Online Furniture Shopping Website ATTIC on Desktop Computer

Minimum Dimensions
1160px wide x 230px high

Maximum Dimensions
1160px wide x 260px high

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Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Version

Using a traditional landscape layout, our wide banner ad provides great visibility atop our pages. Our banner dimensions support wide screen desktop monitors.

Banner ads will be resized automatically for smaller devices (e.g,. laptops). We recommend confirming that you are satisfied with your ad, including text legibility, at smaller sizes. For example, on 13" laptops, the banner ad will appear at approximately 870px wide.

Online Furniture Shopping Website ATTIC on Smartphone iPhone and Tablet iPad

Exact Dimensions
1242px wide x 1242px high

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Mobile Phone Version

Our mobile specifications are optimized for high resolution devices such as Apple iPhones, Android phones and more. Ads should be perfectly square and follow the specified dimensions. We convert your full-size mobile version into two additional compact, bandwidth-optimized versions so they load fast and look great on all devices, in all situations.

For more information, including pricing and other partnership opportunities, contact [email protected].

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