Annapolish Maritime Antiques

Annapolis, MD
128 Severn Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21403

Chelsea 3" Ship clock
Wooden Duck Model
Wooden Duck Model
Duck & Goose models, Solid Pewter, Hand Cast on the Easter Shore of the Chesapeake Bay
Duck & Geese models, Hand Painted on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, Solid Pewter
Engine Order Telegraph, USCG Ice Breaker Glacier, circa 1950's
Duck & Geese models
Art, Life Ring "Shanghai"
Plaque, U.S.N.A 1928
Small Anchor
Small Anchor
Plate, John Brown
Plaque, Ocean Eagle
Plaque, Emeraude
Plaque, Amphibious Force PAC Fleet
Plaque, USS Forrestal Service Signage
Plaque, Supervisor Shipbuilding
Plaque, Sub Force Atlantic
Plaque, New London
Plaque, Bofost
Plaque, USS Sailfish
Plaque, Line Flexible
Plaque, Dolphins U.S.A