Agent Gallery

Chicago, IL
3903 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Vintage Hand Traction Device
Vintage 1970's-80's Boeing Quality First Graphic Posters
Large Hypnosis Types Chart Cyanotype (signed)
'Mirror' Water Series (S02) Acrylic on Paper (Signed)
'Mirror' Water Series (S01) Acrylic on Paper (Signed)
1968 Minuteman III LGM-30G Wind Tunnel Model on Commemorative  Base
Worlds Smallest Heart Pump Impella 2.5
1940's Volatile / Corrosive Environment Breathing Apparatus
'Only the Lonely' Massager Hand Device
1967 NASA KSC S.C.A.P.E Suit Apollo / Gemini Era
Silver, Red and Blue Decollage Skull (signed)
Large Skull Decollage on Heavy Drawing Paper (signed)
Large Silver Flowers Pair Positive / Negative (signed)
Large Tapestry Acrylic on Canvas (signed)
Huge 1940's Japanese Flag Hinomaru 92
Triptych Waves Cyanotype
Original NASA 1973 Pioneer Encounters Jupiter Commemorative Poster
Vintage NASA Space Suit TMG Glove with Custom Stand
Silver Iron Oxide Mica Flowers (signed)
Yellow, Red and Green Decollage Skull (signed)
Teal Skull with Double Galaxy Silver and Mica Print (signed)
Iron Oxide Mica and Gold Decollage (signed)
Iron Oxide and Mica Smoked Skull on Drawing Paper (signed)