Agent Gallery

Chicago, IL
3903 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Aluminum Dental Phantom with Custom Display
Frasaco Dental Phantom
Dental Phantom with Xray Teeth Set
1950-60 Missile Wind Tunnel Model on custom mount
Large 1960's USAF Wind Tunnel McDonnell Re-Entry Protoype
1960's Wind Tunnel Nose Cone Model
Vintage Aluminum Child's Dental Phantom with Stand
C.1950 International Geophysical Year Chart
Vintage Saturn Poster JPL Laboratories
Vintage ARDEC Engineering Model Livermore Labs
1940's Lodge Bulb Sign
Early Model C.1940 Rahm Instruments Electro-Shock ECT Unit
Articulating Aluminum Dental Jaw Phantom with Stand
C.1928-30 Aluminum Phantom on Display Stand
Cambridge Audio-Visual Heart Sound Recorder
1930's Bill 'Willie' Honeman Silver plated Bronze Trophy Topper
Classic Aluminum Dental Phantom
1960's Aluminum Dental Phantom on Articulating Display
Aluminum Dental Phantom (Medical White)
Human Skull X-Ray Phantom for Dental Study
1950's Aluminum Dental Phantom with Articulating Stand
Large Double Galaxy Silver Positive / Negative (signed)
Caligula with Ancient Cats Decollage (signed)