Store Owners, Dealers and Makers

ATTIC is a search and discovery engine dedicated to featuring the best products from vintage, modern antique, used and consignment furniture stores.

What is ATTIC?

ATTIC provides consumers the largest collection of local, independent furniture retailers in select major cities of the United States. We started in the greater Washington DC area (including Baltimore, other parts of Maryland and Virginia) when we launched in 2015. After three years of success, we started expanding to additional cities, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York , Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle.

We are not an e-commerce platform. Unlike other websites that you may be familiar with (e.g., 1stDibs, Chairish, Etsy), we do not engage in the direct sale of product. Our role is to help consumers discover your product and then direct them to a final point of sale (e.g. your brick and mortar location or online store). Think of us as a blend between Google and Pinterest. We index product information from furniture stores and dealers, then we present that information in a user-friendly, attractive and curated manner.

How does it work? How do I get my products listed?

We know you're busy. Our entire platform leverages your existing online activity so you don't have to post your pictures and product information on yet another website, app or social network. To learn how and to be considered for indexing, please complete our store application.

Store Application

Do you accept any store?

Consumers have a wide vareity of preferences, interests and tastes. However, ATTIC is meant to be a better alternative to shopping on Craigslist and similar websites. To that end, we'll consider established and new stores, but we'll be looking for a certain level of quality and character in your product, as well as your product photography and descriptions. Please complete our store application to start the consideration process.

Do you list products from individuals?

We do not index or list products from individuals selling single pieces or a small number of pieces on an infrquent basis. However, we will consider individual dealers and avid collectors who are actively engaged in the buying and selling of vintage, modern antique and other noteworthy furniture, as well as the products of artisan furniture makers.

How do I remove items that are no longer available?

We've received feedback from participating stores that even sold and no longer available products listed on ATTIC lead to increased visibility, more customer interactions, and the potential for future sales opportunities. Further, the purpose of ATTIC is to show users the regularly changing inventory and style of vintage, consignment and used furniture stores where items are often rare or even one-of-a-kind. All products are labeled with their original indexing date and we note in various places that some items, especially older ones, may no longer be available. If this causes any issues for you (such as too many phone calls about a sold item), we'll happily mark an item or items as "SOLD". Please send us the ATTIC link to the item.

Other Questions?

Please let us know. Send an email to [email protected].