A curated visual search and discovery engine to help you find the latest products from small, unique businesses near you.

ATTIC helps you discover the latest vintage, modern and artisan products from independent furniture stores, home decor stores and artists, and clothing boutiques in your city and region. All products are from unique, small businesses near you. We provide an alternative to shopping at big box, chain retailers to help you create your own style and keep the retail sector in your city more diverse and interesting.

What does ATTIC do? How does it work?

The inventory you see on ATTIC is updated as often as every hour. We show each store's "fresh merch" with only minimal delay. Just choose your city and then start browsing what's new in furniture, home decor and fashion.

ATTIC does not engage in the sale of products directly. We simply show you what stores have to offer. Consider us a match maker or the cupid of commerce. When you see something you like, contact the store. Keep in mind that many items on ATTIC are rare and have limited availability.


We like local...

...but we're all busy and our favorite stores are scattered throughout the city. We needed an easier way to stay on top of their latest products, as well as a way to discover new stores and hidden gems.

We're trying to give the small shops a chance to charm you too.

It's easy to shop at the big-box stores and Internet giants, maybe too easy. They've got lots of marketing $$$ that they use to pound us with ads and catalogs. Wouldn't you like something a little different from time to time? ATTIC is here to help — to make it easier to shop local, small, and independent everyday.

Better quality, better variety

We'll bet you your next JÄNKI dresser that you won't find furniture crafted this solid, looking this cool, anywhere else. Or clothing this unique, made with quality that you just won't find from an industry now focused on "fast fashion" (aka cheap production with minimal regard to the environment or labor practices).

Our city streets

Seriously, do you want your community to be unique and full of great "mom 'n pop" shops, or do you want to see the same five stores in every city, on every corner from coast to coast? We'd personally like to see a nice balanced mix.


ATTIC started in Washington DC but is currently available for the following major cities: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis - St. Paul, New York, Philadelphia, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle and Washington DC .

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