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Looking to list products from your furniture, home decor or clothing store on ATTIC?
Please visit our shop owners page. The following page is for those seeking to place banner and other forms of ads on our website or in our newsletters.

ATTIC is one of the most popular websites in the Washington DC area and now it's available in cities throughout the country. We're creating a search engine that aims to promote independent retail businesses and shopping local. Our innovative technology compiles the products of more than 1,000 small, independent furniture, home decor and clothing stores.

ATTIC has garnered nearly 1 million visits and is growing rapidly. ATTIC can work for you too.

Our Audience

  • Home and Clothing Goods Consumers
  • New and Prospective Home Owners
  • Renters and Apartment Seekers
  • Newly Married / Co-Habitating
  • New and Incoming Residents
  • Interior Designers
  • Realtors / Staging Companies




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Immune to Ad-Blocking Software

Our direct-buy ad purchase program means your ads are served directly buy us (vs Google AdWords or similar) and will avoid most ad blocking services.

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