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ATTIC is a search engine that promotes the products of small, independent retail businesses in cities across America and Canada. It's used by more than 2 million people every year. Even if you're not selling home or fashion products, you can make ATTIC work for your business too!

Our Audience
  • Home and Clothing Goods Consumers
  • New and Prospective Home Owners
  • Renters and Apartment Seekers
  • Newly Married / Co-Habitating
  • New and Incoming Residents
  • Interior Designers
  • Realtors / Staging Companies

About our Ads

Ads on ATTIC receive great visibility by appearing directly alongside our organic content, with impressions on Item/Product pages, Search Result pages and our Just Arrived/Browse pages.

Maximum and Recommended Dimensions
1250px wide x 1250px high

Universal Desktop, Laptop Tablet and and Phone Version
  • Several customizable text fields
  • Up to five unique images
  • Customize text and images by market/city and/or vertical (furniture, decor, fashion)
  • Business logo



unique visitors/day



Immune to Ad-Blocking Software

Our direct-buy ad purchase program means your ads are served directly by ATTIC (vs Google AdWords or similar) and will avoid most ad blocking services.

Looking to list products from your furniture, home decor or clothing store on ATTIC?
Please visit our shop owners page. This page is for those seeking to place banner and other forms of ads on our website.

General Ad Policies

We ask that all ads use a clean and aesthetically tasteful design. All ads and click destinations are subject to review. Unless otherwise negotiated, we ask that ads adhere to our general policies. In addition, please review the following guidelines:

  1. Include a local reference that connects your brand or product to the local/regional market. For example, include the city and state where your store is located or business is based (e.g, "Acme Corp is proudly based in Baltimore, MD.").
  2. Avoid using strongly saturated background colors purely to gain the attention of the user.
  3. Do not use images, graphics or other content in your ads for which you do not have permission and appropriate rights to use.
  4. All ads must fall in line with a "G" or "PG" rating.

For more information about advertising on ATTIC, including pricing and other partnership opportunities, contact [email protected].

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