ATTIC's core indexing service is free. But if you want your store and your products to stand out, then ATTIC Premium is for you.


< $5/month


< $10/month


< $18/month

HD Product Images

We'll display your product images in "HD" (aka retina or high resolution) for superb image clarity.

Store Description

Add a custom description to your store page to improve your store's Google rank and SEO.

"Featured" Store Preference

ATTIC Featured stores, which change every 1-2 weeks, are highlighted at the top of each city's main pages. Being a featured store garners great visibility and 10x the usual views.

Hidden Third Party Ads

Third-party banner ads will be removed from all of your item pages, as well as your main store page. However, if you run an ad with us, we'll display it on those as desired.

Highlighted Store

Stand out with a highlighted listing on our Stores page.


Store Logo

Your logo will appear anywhere your items appear, as well as our main Stores page.


Newsletter Announcements

We'll include information about your store's upcoming sales, promotions and events in our customer newsletter. Just send us the news and let us help get the word out.
Currently only available to stores in Washington DC / Baltimore.


Social Media Links

Get more followers! Add links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram on your store page.


Highlighted Map Marker

Score a larger and custom colored marker on our popular stores map .
Currently only available to stores in Washington DC / Baltimore.


Banner Ad Display for 1 Week

Display a banner ad atop ATTIC that links directly to your website, normally $200/week.


ATTIC Gift Card Commission Discount

Receive a discount on the standard 20% ATTIC Gift Card commission.
Currently only available to stores in Washington DC / Baltimore.


Premium Services Discount

Earn a discount on our a la carte marketing services including website and newsletter ads.


Technical and Strategic Support

Questions about your store or product listings? How about how to get the most out of ATTIC?

Limited Email
Email and Phone







Discounts are available for partners, as well as stores that maintain a public "brick and mortar" retail location with regular operating hours. Contact us for details and eligibility.

À La Carte Marketing Services

Banner Ad (1 Week)

Optimal visibility. We'll run your banner atop all three of our verticals (Furniture, Home Decor/Flea and Fashion), as well as atop our search results and collections pages.


Featured Store (1 Week)

Publicize your store and/or a specific item and garner 10x the average clicks!


Newsletter Ad

Score yourself extra visibility in our email newsletter with your own banner ad.


Website and Search Engine Optimization Consultation

We've been building highly ranked, high traffic websites for more than twenty years. Let us help you make the most of your own online marketing.

$100 and up

Please send us a message at [email protected] if you have question or want to purchase one of our A La Carte Marketing Services. We'll help you schedule the ad and explain the technical requirements for your ad artwork and copy.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All content submitted for ATTIC Premium and A La Carte Services including logos, store descriptions, photographs and social media links are subject to approval.
  2. The prices quoted for ATTIC Premium and Premium Services do not include the cost to develop or design logos, photographs or advertisements (e.g., banners). Development of such assets is the responsibility of the purchaser.
  3. Paid advertisement slots are subject to availability.
  4. Our ability to provide high definition images for a particular store or product requires that high resolution images are available to our indexing service, which in turn may be dependent upon a store's specific website or marketplace. When available, high definition images will be served to users with devices (computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones) that support such images.
  5. Customer newsletters are typically published once monthly, although the exact schedule and frequency is subject to change. We cannot guarantee that an announcement will be delivered on or by a specific date, but will attempt to accommodate requests. Stores are recommended to contact ATTIC early for time sensitive announcements.