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Organic Cheese Plate - Small Cheese Plate, Unique Ceramics, Modern Pottery, Pottery Gift, Nicole Novena, Clay and Craft by nicolenovena
Large Organic Bowl by nicolenovena
Custom Listing for Debbie - 4 Large Altered Vases in Oatmeal by nicolenovena
California Christmas Ornament - Holiday Ornament, Hostess Gift, California Gift, Ceramic Ornament, Minimalist Decor, Holiday Gifts by nicolenovena
Snowflake Ornament, Holiday Ornament, Hostess Gift, Christmas Ornament, Holiday Decor, Ceramic Decor, Minimalist Decor, Holiday Gifts by nicolenovena
Plates / Blates - Plateware, Dinnerware Set, Minimal, Modern Pottery, Organic Plates, White, Ceramic Plate, Dish, Nesting Bowls, Blate by nicolenovena
Ceramic Wall Chimes - Ceramic Wall Hanging, Wall Art, Modern, Minimal Boho Wall Hanging, Wind Chimes, Home Decor by nicolenovena
Sun + Waves Ceramic Wall Art, Ocean Inspired Wall Sculpture, Ceramic Installation, Minimalist Wall Art, Modern Home Decor, Sun Wall Decor by nicolenovena
Small Modern Bud Vase, Flower Vase, Pottery Vase, Ceramic Vase, Nicole Novena, Minimalist Decor, Stem Vase, Matte Black Vase, Pottery Gift by nicolenovena
Vase - Vases, Modern, Minimal Pottery, One of a Kind Vase, Design Award Finalist, Flower Vase, Ceramic Vase, 9th Anniversary Pottery Gift by nicolenovena
Carafe - Drinkware, Modern Ceramics, Ceramic Carafe, Sake Carafe, White, Minimal, Wine Carafe, Tabletop, by Nicole Novena, Best Pottery by nicolenovena
Carafe + Cup Set - Ceramic Carafe, Terra Cotta, Nutmeg, Sake Set, Modern Ceramics, Sake Gift, Modern Pottery, 9th Anniversary Pottery Gift by nicolenovena
Carafe + Cup Set, Sake Gift, Whiskey Cup, Modern Ceramics, Best Gift, Hostess Gift, Minimalist, Drinkware, Pottery Gift, Scandinavian Design by nicolenovena
Mug / Tumbler - Ceramic Mug, Pottery Cup, Coffee Mug, Ceramic Mug, Modern Ceramics, Latte, Wine Cup, Pottery, Nicole Novena, clay and craft by nicolenovena
Pottery Gift Set - Mothers Day Gift Set, Coffee Lover Gift, Modern Pottery Mug, Modern Ceramics, New Home Gift, Coffee Set, Best Gift Idea by nicolenovena
Cup - Ceramic Cup, Wine Cup, Tea Cup, Tumbler, Latte, Mug, Pottery, Modern Ceramics, Ceramic Cup, Whiskey Cup, CLAY + CRAFT, by Nicole by nicolenovena
Bowl / Planter - Modern Ceramics, Pottery Bowl, Ramen Bowl, Serving Bowls, Handmade, White Bowl, Modern Dish, Soup Bowl, Planter, Succulent by nicolenovena
Ceramic Carafe with 4 Cups - Modern Pottery Set - Tea Cup Set - Ceramic Drinkware - Unique Mothers Day Gift - Wedding Gift - Modern Pottery by nicolenovena
Pottery Vase - Pottery Gift, Anniversary Gift, Tall Cylinder Vase, Speckled Clay, Ceramic Vase, Tall Vase, Modern Ceramics, Flower Vase by nicolenovena