Debutante Clothing

Pomona, CA
351 South Thomas St.
Pomona, CA 91766

1970s Cotton Floral Prairie Dress
1970s does 1940s Cropped Lace Top
1960s Hooded Love Witch Peignoir
1980s Pop Art Novelty Shirt
1960s Terrycloth Shift Dress
1980s Denim Puff Sleeve Jacket
1960s Orange Floral Swimsuit
1970s Hawaiian Halter Mini Dress
1970s Navy Blue Embroidered Flower Wrap Skirt
1990s Jean Paul Gautier Soleil Sheer Mesh Dress
1960s Plaid Dress
1970s Catherine Ogust Psychedelic Maxi Kaftan
1970s Psychedelic Morocco Nylon Lounge Dress
RARE 1950s Sand n Surf Alfred Shaheen Plumeria and Gold Sarong Dress
1980s does 1950s Lanz Originals One Shoulder Tropical Floral Dress
1980s Laura Ashley Floral Jumpsuit
1950s Official Den Mother’s Uniform Boy Scouts of America Skirt
1970s Cotton and Lace Trim Handmade Dress
1960s Elastic Bloomer Style Gym Shorts
1960s Cotton Bloomers Capris
1940s WWII-Era Nurse Dress
1930s Organdy Cotton Dress
Retro Tankini Swimsuit by Betty Star NOS