It's OK Clay

Petworth - Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Dream a Little Dream: Porcelain Lifesavers Hoops
Hello Darkness My Old Friend: Skeleton Head w/ Gold
Rockin' Moonbeam: The Parisians, Earrings
Floating in Space: Mini Red and Blue Dots
Sure as Spring: Mini Midnight Spiral with Yellow Base
Grown Up's House: A Ceramic Milk Carton
Meet me in Brazil: Mini Tri-Color Blue Pedestal Planter
Crimson and Clover: Sixties Midnight and Red Ornamented Vase
High School Lover: Ceramic Solo Cup
As Long As I Can: Orange and Moody Blue Stoneware Earrings
Never Gonna Give You Up: Yellow and Black Stoneware Earrings
Serving Bowl and Sidekick: Yellow and Midnight Beans w/ Soft White
Hearts on Fire: Minimalist Lines Match Striker (Various)
Vertical is Beautiful: Black with Pink Lines
Take My Chances: An Abstract Pedestal Planter (Medium)
Pocket Full of Rainbows: Wall Hanger 059
This Time Tomorrow: A Mid-Century Modern Mug
Angel Eyes: Charcoal Lines on Bottlenose Vase
Psychedelic Daddy: Rising Sun Vase (Matte Black) 01
Dancing to a T-Rex Song: Ring Dish
Monday at the beach: Shades of Blue Pedestal Planter (Angled)
Favorite Flavor: Speckled Spoon Rest (Various Colors)
Isn't it Funny How You Shine: Speckled Tri-Color Pedestal Planter