Olde Good Things

Manhattan - New York, NY
Madison Ave / Bowery / Union Square
New York, NY

Set of 19th Century Cast Iron Post Finials
Mid Century Modern Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier
Beverly Hills 24 Light Marie Therese 3 Tier Crystal Chandelier
1910s Traditional Brass 2 Fluted Glass Shades Pendant Light
1910s Traditional 2 Milk Glass Shades Brass Pendant Light
Modern White Murano Glass Dish Light with Tulip Bulbs
1890s Pair of Restored Antique NYC Cast Iron Capitals
Waldorf Astoria Octagon with Cast Glass Flush Mount Light
Vintage 5 Shaded Light Art Deco Chandelier
Mid Century Modern Brass 6 Arm Chandelier
Victorian 2 Arm Brass Beaded Ribbon Wall Sconces
Vintage 2 Pane Quarter Sawn Oak Privacy Door 83.5 x 35.675
Pair of Cast Iron 19th Century Newel Post Finials
French Gilded Carved Cherub Wood & Gesso Floral Over Mantel Mirror
French Art Nouveau 4 Section Steel & Brass Floral Fireplace Screen
Traditional 4 Section Petite French Made Fireplace Screen
Vintage Traditional Brass French Made Fireplace Screen
Louis XVI Style Gilted Wood Mirror
Antique Gesso & Gilt Wood French Floral Beveled Over Mantel Mirror
Antique French Gesso & Carved Gilt Wood Mirror
1910s Gold Gilt Wood Framed Victorian Needlepoint
Vintage Crackled Glass Globe Musician Themed Mantel Table Lamp
Modern Brass Finish Articulating Arm Wall Sconce