Home Decor from the best independent stores of New York City

    Evergreen Iron Tilted Standing Planter – ONLINE ONLY
    Kristian Vedel Modus Black Tufted Leather Rosewood Ottoman by openairmodern
    Pair of Kristian Vedel High-Back Modus Lounge Chairs by openairmodern
    Vintage Peter Kelly Illustration
    Vintage Abstract Silkscreen
    Vintage Foil Pop Art
    Bump Teapot
    McCoy Seafoam Ceramic Vase
    General Electric Accent Line Radio
    Elegant Glass Decanter
    Mid Century Abstract Porcelain Statue
    1950s Slinky Toy
    1960s Smith-Corona Coronet Electric Typewriter
    Leather Doctor’s Bag
    Leaded Glass Planter
    Postmodern TV Coffee Pot
    Vintage Rock Vase
    Carlo Moretti Cased Glass Coupes
    Postmodern Tea Pot
    Handblown Multicolor Glass Vase
    Vintage Acrylic Wine Glasses
    Vintage Scaroni Wine Cooler
    Vintage Zulu Telephone Wire Dish
    Vintage Rosenthal Paper Bag Vase
    Vintage Murano Glass Dish
    Vintage Paperclip Wall Hooks
    Deadstock Acrylic Salad Tongs
    Vintage Acrylic Salad Bowl
    Deadstock Acrylic Candlesticks
    Deadstock Acrylic Cruets
    Vintage Tenex 'Minisorter'
    Vintage Ceramic Sculpture
    Vintage Black Mesh Refuse Bin
    Stelton Vacuum Jug
    New Jersey Tricentennial Jim Beam Decanter
    Retro Kitten Wall Clock
    1960s GI Joe Astronaut and Space Capsule
    1970s Underwood Typewriter
    Dansk Kobenstyle Red Pot
    Fitz & Floyd Sneezing Man Ceramic Tissue Box Holder
    Kosta Boda Swimsuit Glass Vase
    Children’s Carved Pooches Coat Rack
    Solid teak table and brass lamps by QueensMCM
    Deep Plates (set of 4)
    1970s Vintage Italian Glass Lotus Flower Floor Lamp
    Vintage Moroccan Red Leather Camel Saddle Cushion Stool Bench
    Venetian Glass Sconces
    Max Ingrand Sconces for Fontana Arte, Italy, 1960s
    Hand-Painted and Signed Italian Mid-Century Table Lamp
    Chiseled Green Crystal Table Lamp, Italy, 2016
    Felix Tumblers
    Polka Dot Jar
    Chinese Ducks Wall Hanging Screen
    Sears Roebuck Saw Blade Clock
    White Iron Curlicue Planter
    Tubular Brassy Rolling Record Rack
    Danish Modern Teak Wastebasket
    Mod Lucite 6-Bottle Wine Rack
    Felix Jars
    Pattern Puzzle
    The Philosopher Planter
    Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Modern Decorator Style Room Divider by secondhandstory
    Leg Bowl
    Box of Crap Packing Tape
    Pinch Clip
    Curious Foot-Shaped Pedestal
    Box Turtle Box
    Mesh Bowl
    Petite Nautical Wall Sconce
    Brass Candelabra Table Lamp
    1930s Caldwell Steel & Bronze Chandelier
    Pair of Vanity Lamps with Blue Floral Glass Detail
    Petite Glass Vanity Lamps
    1907 Bronze Signed Statue
    Herman Miller Summer Picnic Sweet Corn Festival Poster by Stephen Frykholm by openairmodern
    1972 Herman Miller Summer Picnic Ice Cream Sundae Poster by Stephen Frykholm by openairmodern
    French Industrial Modern Cocotte Desk Table Lamp by Serge Mouille by openairmodern
    Pair Murano Glass Handkerchief Floral Gold White Dresser Lamps by ilikemikes
    Bay Birks Solid Brass Chiming Mantel Clock by ilikemikes
    Swiza Small Quartz Brass Desk Clock with Brown Face by ilikemikes
    Small Square Swiza 8-day Calendar Alarm Clock with Date by ilikemikes
    Apollo 11 Ceramic Tile and Wood Wall Clock by ilikemikes
    Sheffield Blue Enameled Flower Wind Up Alarm Clock by ilikemikes
    Bathing Lady in Rose
    Reality Bank in the Form of a Pig
    Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing
    Design Technics Pair of Studio Made Ceramic Table Lamps 1960s (signed)
    Giulio Radi Hand Blown Footed Vessel with Silver Foil and Murrhines 1940s
    Hand Carved Stool
    Victorian Carved Adjustable Easel – ONLINE ONLY
    Vintage 1980's Kazakh Azerbaijan Rug
    Antique 1920's Boukhara Turkmenistan Rug
    1960 Persian Shiraz Hand-Knotted Rectangular Geometric Repeat Medallion Wool Rug
    1960 Persian Shiraz Hand-Knotted Rectangular Geometric Repeat Medallion Wool Rug