Decor from the best independent stores of Boston and New England

    Vintage Art Easel, Painting Easel, French Field Easel, Collapsible Easel, Travel Easel, Portable Easel with Carrying Strap by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Handmade Duck Decoys, Lot of 10 Small Duck Decoys, Wooden Duck Decoys, Hand Painted Tiny Duck Figurines, Wooden Duck Figurines by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Light Green Studio Pottery Vase, Small Ceramic Vase, White Pottery Vase, Handmade Ceramic Bowl, Flower Vase, Decorative Vase by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Book of Riddles, Mid Century Illustrated Riddle Book for Kids, 1960 Bennet Cerf Book of Riddles, Children's Riddle Book, by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Portrait Painting of a Woman, Oil Painting, Portrait Painting of a Woman, Abstract Portrait Painting by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Camera Bag, Leather Camera Bag, Vintage Leather Camera Bag, Vintage Perrin Camera Bag, Vintage Leather Purse, Large Camera Bag by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Boho Throw Rug, Flat Weave Rug, Mexican Rug, Wool Rug, Southwestern Rug, 63" x 29" Rug, Neutral Rug, Small Rug by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Small Wood Dish, Wooden Dish, Ring Dish, Shallow Wooden Dish, Modern Wood Bowl, Small Wood Bowl by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Carved Wood Whale Figurine, Wood Wale, Mid Century Whale Figurine, Danish Modern Whale by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage rug, 46
    Vintage rug, 3' 5
    Vintage rug, 34
    Vintage rug, 3' x 5' 1
    Vintage rug, 3' 4
    Vintage Gold Metal Accordion Hook Rack, Wall Hooks, Peg Rack, Coat Rack, Wall Hook by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Miniature Weavings, Tiny Weaving, Sampler Weaving, Miniature Handwoven Rug, Miniature Handwoven Textile by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage African Indigo Textile, Indigo Throw Blanket, Indigo Fabric, Embroidered Indigo, Blue and White Striped Indigo by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage German Shepherd Dog Figurine, German Shepherd Statue, Jennings Brothers Cast Metal Dog Figurine, Gold Dog Figurine by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Purple Vase, Studio Pottery Vase, Handmade Pottery Vase, Mid Century Vase, Modern Pottery Vase, Pottery Vessel, Purple Ceramic Vase by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Wood Wall Shelf, Small Shelf, Display Shelf, Small Wooden Wall Shelf, Curio Display Shelf by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Mid Century Pottery Lamp, Table Lamp, Blue and White Lamp, Small Lamp, Ceramic Lamp, Retro Lamp, Handmade Studio Pottery Lamp by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Plant Stand, Metal Plant Stand, Three Tier Plant Stand, Black Metal Plant Stand, Wrought Iron Plant Stand, Tiered Plant Stand by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Landscape Painting of Mountains and a Village, Village Painting, Mountains Painting by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Divided Wood Box, Wood Tray, Wooden Display Shelf, Wood Display Box, Tool Box by LittleDogVintage
    New Hampshire state souvenir plate - vintage USA travel by NextStageVintage
    Alaska the 49th State souvenir travel plate - vintage road trip by NextStageVintage
    Virginia Mother of Presidents souvenir state plate - vintage travel souvenir by NextStageVintage
    Hubley Cast Iron Kitty Cat Still Bank with Blue Bow by MemoryHoleVintage
    Vinyl Batman Puppet Head, Copyright 1966 by Ideal Toy Corporation by MemoryHoleVintage
    H.C. White Company Stereoscope 3D Stereo Card Viewer, Made in USA, 1903 by MemoryHoleVintage
    Charlie McCarthy Ventriloquist Dummy Jim Beam Whiskey Decanter, 1976 by MemoryHoleVintage
    Mortimer Snerd Ventriloquist Dummy Jim Beam Whiskey Decanter, 1976 by MemoryHoleVintage
    King Kong Jim Beam Whiskey Decanter, 1976 by MemoryHoleVintage
    Kodak Retina Ia 35mm Folding Camera by MemoryHoleVintage
    Agfa Ansco B2 Speedex Folding Camera by MemoryHoleVintage
    Eastman Kodak No. 1-A Autographic Kodak Jr. Folding Camera by MemoryHoleVintage
    Eastman Kodak Junior Six-16 Series II Folding Camera by MemoryHoleVintage
    Vintage Ceramic West German Bird Figurine, Goebel Bird Figurine, Sparrow Bird Figurine by LittleDogVintage
    Nesting seagrass oval baskets - set of 5 bohemian baskets by NextStageVintage
    Sisal coasters in a sisal box - vintage functional home decor by NextStageVintage
    Vintage Industrial Articulated Wall Light O C White Style Era Rewired ready to use Item #3558 by lampslightsshades
    Antique Colored Enamel Electric Light Shade c1910 item #3199 by lampslightsshades
    Pair Vintage Opalescent Glass Electric Light Shade 2 3/4" Fitter c1910 item #3327 by lampslightsshades
    Vintage Hobnail Opalescent Glass Electric Light Shade c1910 item #3366 by lampslightsshades
    Vintage Hobnail Opalescent Glass Electric Light Shade c1910 item #3357 by lampslightsshades
    Vintage Arts and Crafts Mica Lamp Shade Bridge Lamp Table Lamp item #3222 by lampslightsshades
    Glass Bead Art Nouveau Lamp Shade to go around a Light Bulb #1720 by lampslightsshades
    **Now carrying**  Cereus Lamps by Five Ply Design
    Large Mid Century Black/White Swirl Table Lamp-Original Shade
    star trek comic lot, six star trek comics, star trek comics, original star trek comics, trekkie comics, vintage star trek comics, star trek by pulpholyoke
    antique fish book plates, vintage fish book plates, antique fish prints, 7 fish prints, original fish book plates, fish illustrations, fish by pulpholyoke
    Joy of Cooking -  Rombauer and Becker - 1964 hardcover by NextStageVintage
    The Spice Cookbook by Avanelle Day and Lillie Stuckey - 1964 first edition by NextStageVintage
    Vintage Still Life Painting, Fruit Still Life Painting, Blue and Yellow Painting, Painting of Oranges in a Bowl by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Letter E, Wood Sign Letter E, Black Letter E, Letter Wall Hanging, Vintage Sign Letter by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Tapestry Backpack, Vintage Bucket Bag, Guatemalan Textile Bag, Purple Backpack, Needlepoint Backpack, Hippie Backpack, Boho Backpack by LittleDogVintage
    the ninth quadrant fanzine #1-3, star trek fanzines, the ninth quadrant star trek fanzine, star trek zine, 1977 star trek fanzine, star trek by pulpholyoke
    The Jonathan Papers and More Jonathan Papers by Elizabeth Woodbridge - early 1900s hardcovers by NextStageVintage
    1960's nesso orange table lamp, giancarlo mattioli for artemide table lamp, vintage nesso table lamp, 1960's artemide nesso lamp, nesso lamp by pulpholyoke
    Laguna pueblo pottery by QuaboagValleyAntique
    Vintage Hammered Brass Lamp, Table Lamp, Brass Lamp, Gold Lamp, Brass Ball Lamp, Globe Lamp, Mid Century Brass Lamp, Boho Lamp by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Small Landscape Painting, Miniature Painting, Mini Painting, Tree Painting, Dollhouse Painting by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Ring Hand, Ring Display, Pink Ring Hand, Plastic Hand, Jewelry Display Hand, Mannequin Hand by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Mexican Folk Art Fish, Small Hand Painted Hand Carved Wood Fish, Pair of Small Hand Painted Fish by LittleDogVintage
    Pair of Mid Century Rosti Denmark Heavy Plastic Nesting Mixing Bowls with Pouring Spouts Light Gray by retrowarehouse
    19th century sponge ware pitcher, antique spongeware pitcher, blue and white spongeware pitcher, 19th century blue and white spongeware by pulpholyoke
    vintage rockwood fire bell cover, vintage rockwood worcester fire bell, rockwood fire alarm bell, 1920's rockwood worcester bell cover by pulpholyoke
    vintage factory sign, hand painted sign, industrial sign, factory display, vintage factory sign, painted sign, advertising sign, sign by pulpholyoke
    vintage japanese screen, japanese screen, japanese cranes, hand painted japanese screen, asian screen,japanese folding screen, screen by pulpholyoke
    Vintage Mid Century Pottery Lamp, Table Lamp, Neutral Ceramic Lamp, Handmade Pottery Lamp, Mid Century Lamp, Stoneware Lamp, Brown Lamp by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Studio Pottery Vase, Bud Vase, Small Ceramic Vase, White Pottery Vase, Ribbed Vase, Flower Vase, Decorative Vase, Neutral Vase, by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Toy Volkswagen Beetle Car, Yaiyo Japan Combination Volkswagen Bettle, Red Beetle Car, Vintage Toy Car, Volkswagen Model Car by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Hand Painted Miniature Table and Chairs, Blue Wooden Dollhouse Table + Chairs, Doll Table + Chairs, Miniature Kitchen Table + Chairs by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Mexican Folk Art Fish, Hand Painted Hand Carved Wood Fish, Fish Wall Hanging by LittleDogVintage
    Original Nature Painting of Scenic Colombia by mixedmodern1
    Chalkware Cancer zodiac plate - antiqued gold decor by NextStageVintage
    Westmoreland Cancer zodiac plate - blue with painted crab by NextStageVintage
    Noritake Marseille oval serving bowl and gravy / sauce boat - 1970s vintage by NextStageVintage
    Laminated wood bookends - vintage artisan decor by NextStageVintage
    Mexican stoneware cookie jar - vintage bohemian kitchen by NextStageVintage
    Vintage Ocean Painting, Beach Painting, Seascape Painting, Vintage Oil Painting of the Ocean, Waves Painting, Painting of the Sea by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Kilim Runner Rug, 7 Foot Kilim Runner Rug, Pink Kilim Rug, Red Kilim Rug, 7' Runner Rug, Wool Rug, Handwoven Rug by LittleDogVintage
    Studio art pottery candlesticks with chop mark - vintage 1970s stoneware by NextStageVintage
    Gray swirl graniteware coffee pot - rustic antique decor by NextStageVintage
    Gold encrusted vintage mayonnaise bowl with underplate - serving set by NextStageVintage
    Seahorse souvenir trinket dish or ash tray - 1960s vintage by NextStageVintage
    Mid Century Mirror Danish - FREE SHIPPING by SputnikFurnitureLLC
    Don Drumm Aluminum Tulip Bowl / Bowl with Scalloped Edge by MostlyMidModern
    RESERVED FOR MELISSA! Franciscan Pebble Beach set for 4 by NextStageVintage
    Treasures of Tutankhamun - edited by Katharine Stoddard Gilbert - 1977 softcover by NextStageVintage
    Tiny Vintage Japanese Kokeshi Doll Set, 6 Japanese Kokeshi Dolls by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Handmade Basket Bowl, Wall Basket, Brown and Black Basket, Neutral Basket, Fruit Bowl, Decorative Basket, Straw Basket by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Handmade Basket Bowl, Wall Basket, Neutral Basket, Fruit Bowl, Decorative Basket, Straw Basket by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage African Coil Basket, Wall Basket, Basket Bowl, Purple Basket by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Silver Candle Holders, Small Silver Candle Holders, Silver-plate Candle Holders by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Teak Wood Napkin Rings, Wooden Napkin Rings, Mid Century Napkin Rings, Danish Modern Napkin Rings, Retro Napkin Rings by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Throw Pillow, Pink and Red Throw Pillow, Colorful Throw Pillow by LittleDogVintage
    The Watergate Cookbook by N.Y. Alplaus - 1973 Emporium Publications by NextStageVintage
    There Are Three Faithful Friends decorative sign -1970s George Nathan vintage hand screened art by NextStageVintage
    Lake Shore Pioneer Chapter New York Central Veterans 1968, 1969 plates by NextStageVintage