Fashion from the best independent stores of Boston and New England

    1980s Christian Dior Navy Linen Leisure Jacket and Skirt Coordinates by wemcgee
    1960s Black Feather Trim Dress / 60s Hostess Lounge Dress by FemaleHysteria
    1950s Pink Linen Tailored Blouse | Vintage Top by wemcgee
    1970s Ramona Rull Indian Block Print Maxi Dress by wemcgee
    1920s Assuit Shawl / 20s Egyptian Revival Metal Shawl by FemaleHysteria
    1950s Ballet Costume / Ballerina Dance Theater Purple Folk Dress Tutu by FemaleHysteria
    1930s Yellow Velvet Blouse / 30s Silk Velvet Bolero Jacket by FemaleHysteria
    Striped Linen Wrap Belt | Handmade | Linen Sash | Fabric Belt | Obi-Style by wemcgee
    1950s Berry Bramble Cotton Day Dress | 38" waist | Vintage Novelty Print Dress | Size L-XL by wemcgee
    Late 1910s / early 1920s Silk Satin and Lace Couture Wedding Dress  | Antique Wedding Dress | Silk Satin and Lace | Xsmall - Small by wemcgee
    Antique Workwear Apron | Cotton Pinafore | Open Back Blouse by wemcgee
    Vintage Afghan Folk Dress | Rayon Maxi Dress with Bell Sleeves | Embroidered by wemcgee
    1930s / 1940s Color Block Ombre Pink Gown | c. 1939 Bridesmaids Gown | Vintage Wedding Dress by wemcgee
    1930s Sheer Pink Cotton Seersucker Gown | 1930s Pink Dress | Vintage Gown by wemcgee
    Jeanie Pants
    1920s Periwinkle Blue Linen Tunic Dress | Vintage Linen Day Dress by wemcgee
    Jumbo Quartz Necklace
    My Favorite Sunnies
    Layla Fanny
    Wide Eye Sunnies
    Hiu Necklace
    Evil Eye Necklace
    Solid Gold Fanny
    Unicorn Fanny
    Embossed Holographic Fanny
    Metallic Rainbow Hat
    1980s Pastel Madras Dress by Ralph Lauren in a 1950s Style | 1950s Style Dress | Cotton Day Dress by wemcgee
    Zip Torn
    1930s White Organdy dress / 30s Puff Sleeve Sheer Ribbon Trim Dress  AS IS by FemaleHysteria
    1940s Brown Crepe Studded Dress / 40s Peplum Dress AS IS by FemaleHysteria
    1930s Pink Ruffled Wrap Dress / Dressing Gown with Blue Sash | Vintage Pink Robe by wemcgee
    Early 1940s Hawaiian Print Cotton Floral Wrap Dress | Vintage Wrap Dress | 1940s Day Dress by wemcgee
    Red, black and silver earring trio - 1960s clip and screw back trio by NextStageVintage
    Rhinestone fireworks earrings - 1980s vintage clip ons by NextStageVintage
    Red, black and white and gold earring trio - 1960s clip and screw back trio by NextStageVintage
    Anna Corset
    1980s Thierry Mugler Apollo Jelly Shoes / by FemaleHysteria
    1960s Wide Leg Jumpsuit / 60s Psychedelic Cotton Palazzo Pant Jumpsuit by FemaleHysteria
    1990s Striped Silk Skirt / 90s Pinstripe Long Skirt by FemaleHysteria
    1990s Slate Gray Beaded Sequin Mini Dress / 90s Silk Dress Carmen Marc Valvo by FemaleHysteria
    1980s Quilted Purple Dress / 80s Folk Thai Dress by FemaleHysteria
    1990s Degas Print Dress / 90s Bodycon Crushed  Velvet Photo Print Dress by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage Girl's Red Floral Dress, Red Dress, Long Sleeve Dress, Floral Dress, 4T Girl's Dress, Cotton Dress, Chocolate Soup Dress by LittleDogVintage
    Black Linen Wrap Belt | Handmade | Linen Sash | Fabric Belt | Obi-Style by wemcgee
    Vintage Pink and White Embroidered Baby Dress, Toddler Dress, Embroidered Flower Dress, Cotton Baby Dress, Spring Baby Dress by LittleDogVintage
    Vintage Laura Ashley Pink and White Cotton Dress, Rosette Dress, 9 Month Baby Dress, Floral Baby Dress, Smocked Baby Dress by LittleDogVintage
    Kitty Top
    Vintage Pink Velvet Toddler Dress, Size 3T-4T Toddler Dress, Spring Dress, Pink Flower Dress with Bow by LittleDogVintage
    Selena Top
    Vintage Turquoise Toddler Dress, Size 2T Toddler Dress, Spring Dress, Cotton and Lace Little Girls Dress by LittleDogVintage
    Ring Around
    Vintage 1980's Does 1950's Floral Dress / 80s Peplum Cutout Dress M by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1980's Floral Dress / 90s Cocktail Dress XS/S by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1960's Maxi Dress / 60s Neon Green Backless Dress XS/S by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage Christian Dior Pink Black & White Dress - Size 4 by mixedmodern1
    1980s Knit Lurex Dress / 80s Dress by FemaleHysteria
    1970s Wooden Platform Shoes / 70s Woodies by Thom McAn Clog Sandals by FemaleHysteria
    1970s Marimekko Dress / 70s Black & White Cotton Dress by FemaleHysteria
    1970s Maskit Dress / 70s Graphic Print Balloon Sleeve Cotton Dress by FemaleHysteria
    1990s Burnout Velvet Devore Gown / 90s Bias Cut Gown Laundry Shelli Segal by FemaleHysteria
    1960s Lavender Lurex Mini Dress / 60s Mod Gogo Purple Metallic Dress by FemaleHysteria
    1970s Platform Shoes / 70s Navy Blue Leather Peep Toe Wooden Clogs by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 1960's Satin Maxi Dress / 60s Abstract Print Dress L  tr by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1960's Floral Dress / 60s Polyester Day Dress S  tr by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1940's Plaid Dress / 40s Day Dress M  tr by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1960's Red Wiggle Dress / 60s Sailor Day Dress M  tr by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1980's Does 1950's Julian Taylor Dress  / 80s Purple Day Dress M  tr by SilhouettetsyVintage
    1980s clip on earrings - 2 vintage pairs - black and gold and black lace by NextStageVintage
    Spinnarin Big n' Little Vests Folio 312 - Peppy Poncho Folio 314  - 1970s fashion by NextStageVintage
    1970s Vested Gentress Butterfly Print Dress / 70s Maxi Dress by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 1950's Button Up Top / 50s Pastel Top XS/S by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1950's Floral Dress / 50s Cutout Day Dress L by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1970's Suit Set / 70s Polyester Skirt and Shirt L/XL by SilhouettetsyVintage
    1960s Yellow Satin Jumpsuit / 60s Liquid Satin Pallazo Pant Wide Leg Jumpsuit by FemaleHysteria
    1960s Green Chiffon Gown / 60s Harlequin T-Strap Back Beaded Dress by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 1950's Flamingo Dress / 50s Novelty Print Day Dress S/M by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1960's Floral Dress / 60s Cotton Day Dress S by SilhouettetsyVintage
    1970s Periwinkle Blue Chiffon Handkerchief Hem Dress / 70s Dress by FemaleHysteria
    1980s Kenzo Paris Skirt / 80s Cotton Colorblock Paperbag Skirt by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 50s black wool swing coat/ Peter Pan collar/ Mad Men mod coat/ double breasted/ oversized buttons by Vintagiality
    Vintage 70s white & navy blue coat/brick path pattern/ Mitchell’s Haverhill/ double breasted/ navy blue basket weave coat/ spring coat by Vintagiality
    1970s Gingham Crop Top / 40s Style Indian Cotton Puff Shoulder Blouse by FemaleHysteria
    1940s Sheer Black Dress / 40s Soutache Plus Size Dress Lane Bryant by FemaleHysteria
    1950s Mint Embroidered Cardigan / 50s Cashmere Sweater by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 60s 70s Hungarian Embroidered Cotton Blouse Floral Penny Lane Almost Famous Smocked Top Shirt Folk Romantic Bohemian Boho by InAFeverDream
    Vintage 1960's Embroidered Maxi Dress / 70s Polyester Day Dress S/M by SilhouettetsyVintage
    1990s Iridescent Silk Robe / 90s Thai Silk Robe Jim Thompson by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 1950's Cocktail Dress / 50s Silk Circle Dot Print Dress M/L by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1950's Cotton Dress / 50s Grid Pattern Day Dress M by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Antique Edwardian Dress / 1910s Cotton Dress Embroidered Scallop Trim by FemaleHysteria
    1950s Novelty Print Cotton Dress / 50s Roman Gladiator Pleated Dress by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 1970's Hooded Maxi Dress / 70s Polyester Stripe Dress XXS by SilhouettetsyVintage
    1970s Gold Lurex Sweater Vest / 70s Knit Top Beige Faceted Gemstone Buttons by FemaleHysteria
    1980s Fredericks of Hollywood Catsuit / 80s Leopard Print Velour Bodysuit by FemaleHysteria
    1970s Fredericks of Hollywood Nightgown / Silver Lurex Feather Burlesque Gown by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 1960's Beaded Cocktail Dress / 60s Mint Shift Dress XS/S by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1950's Plus Size Day Dress / 50s Yellow Volup  Wiggle Dress XL by SilhouettetsyVintage
    1970s Woven Dress / 70s Wide Sleeve Indigo Dress by FemaleHysteria
    Vintage 1950's Plus Size  Dress / 50s Mint Volup Day Dress XL by SilhouettetsyVintage
    Vintage 1960's Floral Maxi Dress / 60s  Zip Front Day Dress M/L by SilhouettetsyVintage