Fashion from the best independent stores of San Francisco and Bay Area

    Vintage 1950s Dress | 50s Silk Chiffon Train Iridescent Floral Lace Wiggle Sheath Formal Cocktail Dress (medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Vintage 1950s Dress | 50s Floral Black Chevron Color Block Cotton Circle Skirt Sundress (small/medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    1950s QUILTED ROBE | Vintage 50s Pink & Black Cotton 'Loungees' House Coat | medium by RelicVintageSF
    Lappula Jacket — vintage chore coat / large oversized blue cotton jacket / 90s minimalist utility workwear jacket / lightweight barn coat by fieldery
    1960s MINI Dress | Vintage 60s 70s Sheer Cotton Voile Shirtwaist Dress with Dotted Skirt | small by RelicVintageSF
    1950s Plaid ABSTRACT Dress | Vintage 50s Mode O' Day Cotton Dress | large by RelicVintageSF
    1950s-style EYELET HALTER | 50s inspired Pink & Black Tie Neck Summer Blouse | small by RelicVintageSF
    1960s PLUSH LEOPARD Suit | Vintage 60s Cheetah Print Cropped Jacket & Pencil Skirt Set | xs / small by RelicVintageSF
    SUPER DOOPER Large Vintage Navajo Silver and Royston Turquoise Ring | Hallmark J B Platero | Native American Navajo Statement Jewelry | Sz 8 by lovestreetsf
    TURQUOISE ROCKS Vintage  Sterling Silver & Blue Kingman Turquoise Ring | Adam Fierro Statement Jewelry | Native American Navajo | Size 7 1/2 by lovestreetsf
    1970's vintage train case GREEN carry on make up case weekender travel bag by ShopRVF
    Vintage 1950s Dress | 50s Oversized Floral Printed Cotton Full Skirt Green Blue Pink Swing Sundress (x-small) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Vintage 1950s Skirt | 50s Psycho Kitties Cat Yarn Novelty Border Print Black Swing Skirt (small/medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Vintage 1930s 1940s Dress | 30s 40s Floral White Cotton Sundress Sweetheart Strapless Maxi Skirt Full Length Garden Party Gown (xs/small) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    1930s dress set . vintage 30s puffed sleeve dress by BlueFennel
    Mariner Top — vintage striped t-shirt / nautical 90s navy, white terrycloth cotton shirt / medium short sleeve cropped fuzzy crew neck top by fieldery
    1940s WOOL CREPE Blazer | Vintage 40s Navy Blue Jacket with Ten Buttons | Medium / Large by RelicVintageSF
    1960s NYLON JERSEY Dress | Vintage 60s Brown Swirl Print Dress | large by RelicVintageSF
    1950s Pink & Yellow FLOWER Dress | Vintage 50s 60s Sleeveless Cotton Day Dress | small by RelicVintageSF
    GROOVIN HIGH 1950s Style Vintage Rust Red & Black Argyle Diamond Border Print Long Sleeve Rayon Shirt-Size Large by RelicVintageSF
    GROOVIN HIGH 1950s Style Vintage Black Nautical Seahorse Border Print Long Sleeve Rayon Shirt-Size Large by RelicVintageSF
    Vintage 1970s 1980s Dress | 70s 80s Rainbow Striped On Off Shoulder Full Skirt Flowy Trapeze Maxi Dress (small/medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Vintage 1980s Dress | 80s LANZ Floral Printed Black Cotton Criss Cross Full Skirt Midi Sundress with Pockets (small) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    GROOVIN HIGH Summer Knit Shirt | 1940s Style Satin Front Short Sleeve Shirt with Cougar Print | medium by RelicVintageSF
    ALFREDO'S WIFE Vintage 70s Applique Maxi Dress | 1970s Jungle Animal Theme Patchwork Kaftan | Wearable Art, Hippie, Folk, Boho | Size Large by lovestreetsf
    1960s Pink Dress | Vintage 60s Slubbed Fabric Short Sleeve Dress | medium by RelicVintageSF
    1960s RUFFLE Dress | Vintage 60s Little Black Cocktail Dress with Illusion Neckline | small by RelicVintageSF
    1950s EYELET HALTER Top | Vintage 50s White & Blue Tie Neck Summer Blouse | xs by RelicVintageSF
    1950s LINEN BLAZER | Vintage 40s 50s Grey Jacket with Cream Embroidery | small by RelicVintageSF
    1960s SHAHEEN Shift Dress | Vintage 60s Climbing Rose Print Tiki Dress | medium by RelicVintageSF
    1940s rayon dress . vintage 40s dress by BlueFennel
    Vintage 1940s Dress | 40s Bow Rickrack Light Blue Cotton Button Back Day Dress (medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Vintage 1950s Cardigan | 50s Black Knit Acrylic Button Up Sweater Top (small/medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    1940s CHENILLE ROBE | Vintage 40s Plush Aqua Blue Puff Shoulder Cozy House Coat | small / medium by RelicVintageSF
    1950s SEASIDE BOARDWALK Novelty Print Sundress | Vintage 50s Sleeveless Cotton Day Dress | xs / s by RelicVintageSF
    PATCH THINGS UP Vintage 70s Pakistan Maxi Dress | 1970s Patchwork Cotton Kaftan Caftan | Hippie, Folk, Boho, Ethnic | Size Small Medium by lovestreetsf
    Vintage 1980s 1990s Leather Jacket | 80s 90s Cropped Black Leather High Quality Motorcycle Jacket (medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Vintage 1980s Leather Jacket | 80s Cropped Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket (medium/large) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Running Around In Circles - Vintage 1940s Red Wool Felt & Lucite Round Circular Wrist Handbag by RoadsLessTravelled2
    1980's Vintage gold chain top,  vintage chain top pearl embellished, gold chain link blouse by cachet, size small s fits xs, s,  eur size 34 by ShopRVF
    1980's Vintage gold chain top,  vintage chain top pearl embellished, gold chain link blouse by cachet, size small s fits xs, s,  eur size 34 by ShopRVF
    Vintage 1940s Dress | 40s SAYBURY Floral Printed Cold Rayon Zip Front Full Length Maxi Dressing Gown (medium/large) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    PROUD AS A PEACOCK Vintage 70s Purse | 1970s Indian Red & Gold Velvet Metal Zardozi Embroidered Beaded Bag | India, Hippie Boho Festival by lovestreetsf
    1950s DOTTED NYLON Dress | Vintage 50s Sheer Day Dress with Purple & Grey Dot Print | medium / large by RelicVintageSF
    Backed Into a Corner - Vintage 1950s Lipstick Cherry Red Faux Leather Textured Vinyl Clutch Handbag Purse by RoadsLessTravelled2
    How Very Pleased She Was to Meet You - Vintage 1940s 1950s Leslie James Red Felt Caplet Hat w/Netting by RoadsLessTravelled2
    1960s BROCADE TRIM Cardigan | Vintage 60s Pink & Cream Sweater with Frog Closure | medium by RelicVintageSF
    He Loves Only Me - Vintage 1930s Art Deco Peridot Glass Marcasite Cocktail Ring - Uncas Sterling Silver - Tiny Size 3 1/3 by RoadsLessTravelled2
    50% OFF Squeeze of Lime Please - Vintage 1950s Citrus Lime Full Slip by Vasserette - 34 Average by RoadsLessTravelled2
    The Boys Are Home - Vintage 1940s Ceil Chapman Chartreuse Floral Rayon Long Evening Gown w/Cerise Waist - 2/4 by RoadsLessTravelled2
    1940s WINDOWPANE Jacket | Vintage 40s Navy & Red Cropped Swing Coat | m/l by RelicVintageSF
    1950s COIN PRINT Dress | Vintage 50s 'R&K Originals' Cotton Voile Novelty Print Pink and Light Brown Day Dress | medium by RelicVintageSF
    Could She Handle Choices - Vintage 1950s 1960s Lipstick Red Vinyl Wicker Straw Barrel Handbag Purse by RoadsLessTravelled2
    Feathers as High as Her Spirit - Vintage 1940s 1950s Navy Blue Toque Hat w/Red Lacquered Plumes by RoadsLessTravelled2
    It Takes Two to Compliment - Vintage 1950s 1960s Navy Blue & Green Coloured Leather Handbag Purse by RoadsLessTravelled2
    She Had That Look About Her - Vintage WW2 1940s Classic Navy Blue Straw Mini Breton Hat w/Veil by RoadsLessTravelled2
    BIG RED Machine Vintage 80s Tank Top | 1980s SFV Hells Angles T Shirt w/ Lace Trim | 70s 1970s Biker Club Motorcycle | Size Small to Medium by lovestreetsf
    1950s ROSE PRINT Set | Vintage 50s Blue & Pink Cotton Blouse and Skirt Set | xs by RelicVintageSF
    1950s HANKIE PRINT Dress | Vintage 50s Light Blue Cotton Handkerchief Print Sundress with Pockets | xs by RelicVintageSF
    Vintage 1950s Dress | 50s Medallion Plaid Printed Cotton Pink Purple Full Skirt Day Dress (small) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    If Lana Can......  - Vintage 1940s Navy Blue Felt Caplet w/Blue Plumes Framing Down by RoadsLessTravelled2
    Vintage 1950s Wedding Dress | 50s Lace & Tulle Off-White Full Skirt Cupcake Wedding Gown (x-small) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    How High My Thoughts - Vintage 1930s Silver Tone Pot Metal w/Royal Blue Facet Cut Glass Fur Clip Brooch by RoadsLessTravelled2
    As She Walked Along - Vintage 1940s 1950s Classic Navy Leather Pumps Shoes Heels - 8.5 by RoadsLessTravelled2
    Zingiber Dress — vintage tropical silk dress / 90s Tommy Bahama black sleeveless cocktail dress / small Hawaiian floral summer midi dress by fieldery
    1960s PEARL PURSE | Vintage 50s 60s Dahlia Flower Scalloped Clutch by RelicVintageSF
    Stream Skirt — vintage denim wrap skirt / small 70s boho blue jean a-line midi skirt / De Choix high-waisted cotton cowgirl skirt w/ pockets by fieldery
    1960s LEOPARD PRINT Purse | Vintage 60s Black Leather Handbag with Dyed Fur Panel by RelicVintageSF
    Vintage 1950s Skirt | 50s Knitting Basket Novelty Border Print Black Cotton Full Skirt (xs/small/medium) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    1930s SILVER CLUTCH | Vintage 30s Art Deco Purse with Rhinestone Clasp by RelicVintageSF
    1940s POPCORN CROCHET Purse | Vintage 40s Black Handbag with Bird Frame Handle by RelicVintageSF
    1960s BLACK EYELET Lace Dress | Vintage 60s Cotton Short Sleeved Sheath Dress | xl volup by RelicVintageSF
    Abedul Jacket — vintage linen jacket / neutral professional workwear / nude Bloomingdale's ruffle coat / minimalist taupe Edwardian jacket by fieldery
    THAT'S SO 80s Vintage GUESS Two Tone Stone Wash Jeans | 1980s High Waist Straight Denim Pants, 90s 1990s Georges Marciano Paris, Size Medium by lovestreetsf
    TOTALLY 80s Vintage GUESS Two Tone Stone Wash Jeans | 1980s High Waist Denim Pants | 90s 1990s Georges Marciano Paris  | Size Small Medium by lovestreetsf
    Vintage 1960s Dress | 60s Balloon Novelty Print Nylon Chiffon & Tulle Crinoline Full Skirt Birthday Party Dress (small) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    Vintage 1950s Dress | 50s Striped Teal Pink Button Trim Faux Shirtwaist Full Skirt Day Dress (small) by BirthdayLifeVintage
    KEONI Of HAWAII John Meigs by Sun Surf 40s Retro Rayon Shirt, Vintage 1940s Inspired Paul Gauguin Woodcut Print, Tiki Rockabilly Mens Medium by lovestreetsf
    1950s CRISS-CROSS SUNDRESS | Vintage 50s Yellow Printed Cotton Summer Dress with Convertible Straps | xs/s by RelicVintageSF
    1960s BLUE ROSE Wiggle Dress | Vintage 60s Fitted Silk Cocktail Dress | small / medium by RelicVintageSF
    1950s LANZ ORIGINAL Strapless Dress | Vintage 50s Red Cotton Dress with Novelty Farm Print | medium by RelicVintageSF
    1950s HAWAIIAN Shirt | Vintage 50s Men's Red Cotton Floral Pineapple Print | large by RelicVintageSF
    1940s WESTERN Shirt | Vintage 40s Men's Burgundy Gabardine Shirt with Contrast Soutache Piping & Pockets | medium long by RelicVintageSF
    1950s ALOHA Shirt | Vintage 50s Men's Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt with Tiki Hawaiian Print | medium by RelicVintageSF
    1950s DIAMOND Tri-Tone Shirt | Vintage 50s Men's Short Sleeve Shirt | xl by RelicVintageSF
    Nellika Jacket — vintage silk noil jacket / pink raw silk floral statement jacket / 80s crocheted cotton lace jacket / open front jacket by fieldery
    1970s SWORD BROOCH | Vintage 60s 70s HUGE Jeweled Dagger Pin by RelicVintageSF
    1950s Black HIGH WAISTED Skirt | Vintage 50s Textured Black Rayon Skirt | xl / volup by RelicVintageSF
    1960s POPPY Embroidered Skirt | Vintage 50 60s High Waisted Linen Skirt | xs/s by RelicVintageSF
    1940s Red LEAF Dress Clip | Vintage 40s Bright Red Carved Plastic Dress Clip by RelicVintageSF
    1960s CORAL Sweater Guard with RHINESTONES | Vintage 50s 60s Sweater Clip in Peachy Orange Plastic with Chain by RelicVintageSF
    1960s CONFETTI GLITTER Earrings | Vintage 60s Red & Clear Pierced Earrings with Iridescent Glitter by RelicVintageSF
    1960s TURTLE Brooch | Vintage 60s Figural Tortoise Pin with Blue & Purple Accents by RelicVintageSF
    1940s LARGE FLOWER Necklace | Vintage 40s Choker with Blue & Clear Rhinestones by RelicVintageSF
    1950s BAKELITE Earrings | Vintage 40s 50s Marbled Green & Yellow Oval Screwback Earrings by RelicVintageSF
    COLORADO JAYCEES Vintage 70s Suede Fringe Vest | 1970s Chatfield Club Top with Enamel Pins Patches | 80s 1980s Boho Hippie, Mens Size Medium by lovestreetsf
    SUEDE ADDICTION Vintage Echo Mountain 90s Jacket | 1990s Black Leather Fringe Beaded Jacket | Boho Biker Western Southwestern | Size Mens 42 by lovestreetsf
    GO GREEN Vintage Navajo Silver and Green Turquoise Ring | Hallmark J B Platero Statement Silver Ring | Native American Jewelry | Sz 7 1/4 by lovestreetsf
    Bouteloua Purse — vintage Fossil purse / light brown linked leather shoulder bag / 90s woven leather purse / unique minimalist zippered tote by fieldery
    1940s DOUBLE ZIPPER Skirt | Vintage 40s Heathered Brown High Waisted Skirt | m/l by RelicVintageSF