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    Vintage 1970s Dress Ivory Cotton Corset Maxi Boho 70s Medium by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage LEVI'S Denim Jacket 1990s Blue Jean Medium 90s by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage Wool Fisherman Sweater Irish Hand Knit Aran Ivory Pullover Crewneck 1970s M / S by dejavintageboutique
    Pools of Light Necklace
    1950s basket purse, vintage 50s purse, novelty purse, Asian Ritter bag, wicker purse, round woven purse, top handle bag by melsvanity
    Cole Haan oxfords, oxblood leather shoes, lace up brogues, size 8, chunk heel, men’s wear style, 1980s shoes by melsvanity
    1980s prom dress, a j bari dress, vintage 80s dress, balloon hem dress, off the shoulders dress, mint green satin, size medium by melsvanity
    Fredricks of Hollywood, 1980s sequin dress, Vintage 80s dress, 80s cocktail dress, backless dress, 1980s peplum dress, size medium by melsvanity
    Bohemian dress, white lace dress, Victorian style dress, 1970s maxi dress, vintage 70s dress, see through dress, boho style wedding by melsvanity
    Vintage NOS 1960/70s Hippie “Peace Sign” Handmade Leather Wrap Snap Button Ring Size 7 by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1970s Beaded Folk Hippie Belt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1970/80s Budweiser Flat Top Newsie Cap by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1980s Whiting & Davis White Chain Mesh Purse by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage Men's 1970/80s Colorado Trading Co. Tan Leather Waistcoat Vest by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1960's Floral Paisley Sun Dress | Size Medium by TroveVintageShop
    Vintage 80s Pierre Cardin Dress / 1980s Semi Sheer Strong Shoulder Draped Dress by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 90s VERSACE Silk Scarf / 1990s Atelier Versace Gold Venetian Medusa Print Hand Rolled Hem Scarf by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 90s Christian DIOR Silk Scarf / 1990s WOven Logos Silk Jacquard Striped Hand Rolled Hem Scarf by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 60s VICTOR COSTA Dress / 1960s Black Velvet Trumpet Sleeve Romantica Maxi Dress by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage Whitting & Davis Purse 1950s Rhinestone Mesh Silver Enamel Metal Clutch Bag by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1960s Letterman Sweater Dark Green Wool Knit Cardigan 60s M by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1970s LANZ Wrap Dress Pink 70s Small S by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 60s Flattering Black Jersey Dress / 1960s Edward Abbott Cocktail Wiggle Dress by LuckyDryGoods
    Vintage 50s Cashmere Berry Red Skirt / 1950s High Waist Tailored Pencil Skirt by LuckyDryGoods
    Vintage 60s Peekaboo Cocktail Dress / 1960s Black Silk Carwash Fringe Fitted Mignon Cocktail Dress by LuckyDryGoods
    Vintage 60s Belted Wool CAPE / 1960s Raspberry Pink & Red Mod Scottish Tweed Jacket by LuckyDryGoods
    1960s mod necklace, faux turquoise necklace, vintage 60s necklace, Long chain and pendant, retro necklace, circle pendant by melsvanity
    1950s mens sweater, pin striped sweater, short sleeve sweater, vintage 60s sweater, collared sweater, medium by melsvanity
    1980s chunky sweater, vintage 80s cardigan, size medium, black confetti sweater, long cardigan, sweater coat, 36 bust by melsvanity
    Vintage 1980s Likeke Tiki Hawaiian Button Up Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1990s Studebaker Driver’s Club “Tacoma Area Chapter” Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1990s Grand Canyon Souvenir Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1992 Heartland Apparel Funny “Grandpa” Crew Neck Pullover by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1950/60s Baby’s Handmade Bib Romper Playsuit with Cat-Eye Buttons by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage Red White and Blue Bronze Buckled Adjustable Suspenders by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1960s Women’s Carol Evans J. C. Penney’s Plaid Wool Skirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    1950s striped dress, vintage 50s dress, 1950s wrap dress, Full skirt dress, flutter sleeve dress, size small, fit and flare dress by melsvanity
    Beautiful 1970s Vintage Disco Alumesh Silver Tie Necklace Scarf by RoveVintageSeattle
    Groovy Men's Vintage 1970s Patchwork Button Down All Over Print Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1980s Converse San Jose State Pole Vault Camp Ringer Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1970s Paisley All Over Print Disco Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1970s Girls Junior Lenner Shops Denim Vest by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1970s Island Hall Hotel "World Croquet Championships" Parksillve B.C. T-Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1970s NYS SUNY ENF Ranger School Champion Graphic Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    1980s draped dress, vintage 80s dress, wool jersey dress, size small medium, puff shoulders, Kamisato dress, emerald green dress, 27 waist by melsvanity
    Vintage 1950s MINK Fur Stole Blonde Plush Fluffy Wrap Caplet 50s by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1970s Dress Smocked Zig Zag Print Mini 70s Small by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1960s Hat Shearling Lamb FUR Wool Knit Beanie Cap 60s by dejavintageboutique
    Beautiful Vintage Hand Forged Brass Choker by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1960s Sweater Cowichan Zip Cardigan Grey Wool Knit Large L by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1970's 30's Inspired Chartreuse Satin Blouse | Size Extra Small/Small by TroveVintageShop
    Vintage Men's 1960/70s "Normal Rockwell Art" All Over Print Disco Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1960/70s Kids Young Timers Corduroy Bell Bottoms by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 40s Floral BROOCH / 1940s Marcasite, Sterling Silver, Faux Ivory and Enamel Flower Pin by LuckyDryGoods
    1980s Maroon Suede Leather Belt | 80s Wide Red Suede & Elastic Belt | Karen Kane by GlennasVintageShop
    1980s Gold Wide Belt | 80s Gold Metallic Wide Belt | Canada | Medium by GlennasVintageShop
    1980s Navy Striped Wide Belt | 80s Navy & White Stripe Belt | Medium by GlennasVintageShop
    1990s Silver Beaded Belt | 90s Silver Beaded Wide Belt | La Regale by GlennasVintageShop
    Vintage 90s Feraud Cashmere Jacket / 1990s Bright Red Soft Angora Blend Blazer by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 90s Miu Miu Purple Heels / 1990s Grape Purple Suede Babydoll Pumps with Velvet Ribbon Bows by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 70s BIBA Dress / 1970s Red & Black Puff Sleeve Dress by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 60s Dress Emerald Green Wool Fitted 1960s Medium M by dejavintageboutique
    1940s lace blouse, vintage 40s blouse, puff shoulders, fitted sheer blouse, peach 40s blouse, 1940s beige blouse, size small medium by melsvanity
    1980s Gray Cashmere Wool Dress & Cardigan  | 80s Gray White Sweater knit Dress Jacket Set | Roccobarocco | Large by GlennasVintageShop
    1950s Creme Wool Fox Fur Coat | 50s Creme Wool Textured Swing Coat | Mr J. K. | Large by GlennasVintageShop
    1950s Silver Aluminum Belt | 50s Aluminum Leaf Link Belt by GlennasVintageShop
    1970s Jaeger jacket, vintage 70s jacket, black velvet jacket, size medium, cotton velveteen, retro jacket by melsvanity
    1960s Gray Fur Winter Hat | 60s Gray & White Fur Hat | Saks Fifth Avenue by GlennasVintageShop
    1960s Turquoise Blue Sequin Top | 60s Blue Sequin Sleeveless Evening Top | Medium by GlennasVintageShop
    1960s mod cardigan, sweater jacket, vintage 60s sweater, 1960s knit top, geometric print, black and rust, retro print, size large by melsvanity
    1960s mohair sweater, vintage 60s cardigan, cropped cardigan, size medium, Bernard Altmann, marble wool cardigan by melsvanity
    1980s mohair sweater, vintage 80s sweater, striped wool sweater, mauve sweater, boat neck sweater, size medium, Vintage jumper by melsvanity
    Vintage 1970s Ensemble DEADSTOCK Young Innocent VEELVET Pink Set Small XS 70s by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1960's Hawaiian Printed Barkcloth Dress • 60's Hawaiian Geometric Shift Dress • Size L/XL by houseofprettyparlor
    Vintage 1960's Royal Hawaiian Travelogue Shift Dress • 60's Hawaiian Print Waikiki Dress • Size S by houseofprettyparlor
    Vintage 1960's Napili Neon Floral Hawaiian Maxi • 60's Green & Orange Hibiscus Dress • Size S by houseofprettyparlor
    Vintage 1960's Psychedelic Hawaiian Maxi Dress • 60's Olive Floral Dress • Size L/XL by houseofprettyparlor
    Vintage 1960s Ski Jacket Wool Green 60s Small S by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1960s Ensemble Dress Jacket Set Black Wool Knit 60s Medium M by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1960s Men's Cardigan Leather Lattice Weave Black Wool Sweater 60s Medium by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1970s Tooled Leather Purse Brown Boho Shoulder Bag by dejavintageboutique
    Vintage 1970s Embroidered Chambray "Beach Scene" Button Up Shirt by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 1970s Suede Sherpa Lined Patchwork Vest by RoveVintageSeattle
    50s  Purple Floral Party Dress XL Plus Size Vintage Dress Full Skirt Floral Print Bust 42 Waist 36 Nylon Taffeta Jewel Neckline Garden by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage 70s Pant set M / Pendleton/ Knockabout/ Wool / Preppy Pants/ Unisex/ Brady Bunch 38 Bust 28 Waist by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage 50s 60s  Dress   Jack Mann  Polished Cotton Dress Bust 40-42  Day Dress Large Plus Size by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage 80s Victorian Style Blouse Oyster White Jessica Gunnies Lace Satin Ribbon 34 Bust by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage Tan Leather Schott NYC Leather Vest by RoveVintageSeattle
    Vintage 70s Novelty Print Duck and Florals Ruffled Puffy Shoulders Button Front 70s Preppy High Collar by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage 80s Bejeweled Black Wool Sweater Pin Up Faux Jewels Brocade Trimmed 80s Sweater Bolero Shrug Style by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage 50s Carol Brent Day Dress Zip Front Full Skirt Darcon Cotton 3/4 Sleeves Large by GraveyardVintage
    Stunning Painted 1970s Men's Suede Jacket by RoveVintageSeattle
    80s Floral Novelty Print  Day Dress Medium Cotton  Dress 80s Does 50s Circle Skirt Bust 36 Waist 32 by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage 60s Red Party Dress Bust 34 Waist 26 Pin Up Dress Full Skirt Audrey Style Dress Pin Up Dress Hollywood Dress Jacquard by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage Ink Black Spotted Hour Glass Shape  Wool Day Dress Bust 36 Waist 28 Atomic Print Pin Up Dress Button Back by GraveyardVintage
    Vintage 70s COACH Watermelon Tote Purse / 1970s New York City Black Leather Kisslock Bonnie Cashin Handbag by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 80s Leather Dress / 1980s Grape Purple Strappy Suede Mini Dress by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 90s Mixed Leather & Fabric Bomber Jacket / 1990s Oversized Black Suede Snakeskin and Baroque Print Coat by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 80s Teal Silk Dress / 1980s Tulip Patterned High Neck Dynasty Dress by luckyvintageseattle
    Vintage 60s Rhinestone Tie Belt / 1960s Black Studded Skinny Dangle Bow Belt by LuckyDryGoods