Fashion from the best independent stores of Philadelphia

    Minimal Classic Leather Shoulder Bag by LooseGoods
    Reversible Quilted Velvet 90s Jacket by LooseGoods
    Trombone Player Tee by LooseGoods
    Grey Plaid 90s Studio Duster by LooseGoods
    Sunny Yellow Pleated Midi Skirt by LooseGoods
    Green Suede Fancy Flats by LooseGoods
    M+A Portal Studs
    M+A Reflection Earrings
    M+A Half Moon Earrings
    Classic Plaid 70s Pendleton Wool Shirt by LooseGoods
    Op Art 90s Tank Top by LooseGoods
    Vintage 1970s Floral Dress by PFVintage
    Classic XL Gold Hoop Earrings
    Gold Rope Hoops - 18k Gold Plate
    1920s Inspired Velvet Burnout Dress by PFVintage
    Luna Huggies
    Super Star Asymmetrical Huggies
    Vintage Hematite Bracelet, Vintage Silver Bracelet, Ornate Bracelet, Large Link Bracelet, Floral Design Jewelry by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Cuff Bracelet, Turquoise Bracelet, Inlaid Stone Bracelet, Green Stone Bracelet by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Black Floor Length Gown by PFVintage
    Vintage Silver Cuff Bracelet, Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise Stone, Round Turquoise Stone, Silver and Blue Bracelet by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Bracelet, Unique Silver Jewelry, Brutalist Style Jewelry, Bangle Bracelet, by shopGoodsVintage
    Silver Pill Box, Vintage Pill Box, Pill Container, Hexagon Box, Small Container, Travel Pill Case by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage 14K Gold Ring with Opal Gemstone, Opal Flower Ring, 14K Yellow Gold, Yellow Gold Jewelry, Unique Ring, Floral Design Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage 18K White Gold Ring with Amethyst Gemstone, Amethyst Jewelry, White Gold Ring, 18K Jewelry, Engagement Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Michael Hoban North Beach Dress by PFVintage
    Vintage Silver Wave Ring, Wave Design Ring, Band Ring, Ring with Waves, Wavy Jewelry by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Ring with Braid Details, Braided Silver Ring, Thick Band Ring, Braid Jewelry by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Ring with Lapis Stone and Floral Band, Flower Jewelry, Dark Blue Ring, Blue Lapis Ring, Floral Design Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Silver Ring with Natural Inlaid Stones, Black Onyx Ring, Tigers Eye Jewelry, Mens Ring, Vintage Silver Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Classic Cable Knit Irish Wool Hand Loomed Cardigan Size L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s Harlequin Diamond Rose Print Oversized Cardigan Size L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 60s Mod Baby Girl Wool Winter Coat Size 12 M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s Ruffle Collar Velvet Cropped Jacket Size S/M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 70s Navy Blue Velvet Blazer Size M/L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s Unisex Baby Primary Color Stripe Tshirt Size 6M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
    Cleo Opal Stud Earrings
    Vintage 70s Light Blue Corduroy Wide Leg Pants Size 37 x 28 by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 60s Mod Gingham Polka Dot Strawberry Print House Dress Size M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s Velvet Cage Back Mini Dress Size S by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s White Lace Mini Dress With Cage Scoop Back Size S/M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Pretty Gingham 90s Maxi Dress by LooseGoods
    Corduroy Collar 90s Denim Jacket by LooseGoods
    Vintage Umbrella Retro 1960s Blue with Black Crook Handle + Parasol + Vinyl + Metal + Rain + Weather + Gear + Outdoor + Mid Century + Style by RetrospectVintage215
    Vintage Umbrella Retro 1960s Multi Color with Curved Clear Lucite Crook Handle + Wood Pole + Outdoor + Weather + Rain + Gear + Blue + Pink by RetrospectVintage215
    Vintage Umbrella Retro 1960s Black Vinyl Canopy with Orange Plastic Bead Handle + Parasol + Outdoor + Weather Rain Gear + Mid Century Style by RetrospectVintage215
    Vintage Umbrella Retro 1960s Leopard Print Pagoda Canopy Style + White Crook Handle + Black Sleeve Case + Sheath + Rain + Outdoor + Style by RetrospectVintage215
    Vintage Umbrella Retro 1960s Plaid Pagoda Roof Style with Clear + Etched + Wood + Lucite Crook Handle + Outdoor + Rain + Weather + Gear by RetrospectVintage215
    Vintage Givenchy Umbrella Retro 1970s Givenchy + Paris + New York + Blue + White + Patterned + Cloth Fabric Parasol Curved Brown Wood Handle by RetrospectVintage215
    Vintage Kids Ecuador Super Soft Wool Knit Zip Up Hoodie Size 4T by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 70s Kids Wrangler Grey Corduroy Pants Made In USA Size 12 by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s Satin Champagne Floral Lace Up Back Mini Babydoll Dress Size S/M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s Green Plaid Lightweight Cropped Jacket Size XL by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 70s Diagonal Stripe Print Polyester Blouse With Butterfly Collar Size M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Size 38 Vintage Men’s 1970s Schott Et Plume Leather Down Vest by BriarVintage
    1940s Camel Wool Pencil Dress with Grosgrain Bow POCKETS S by RadioRadioVintage
    Vintage 80s Gold Chain Tassel Print Secretary Dress Size 18 / XL by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s Deadstock Rainbow Colorblock Blouse Size L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 70s Disco Sunrise Abstract Print Shirt Size L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s/90s Unisex Swish Sides Polo Size L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Paris France Rhinestone Tee by LooseGoods
    Silver Rosary Prayer Beads with Crucifix and Virgin Mary, Religious Jewelry, Worry Beads by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Cuff Bracelet, Thin Cuff Bracelet, Simple Vintage Jewelry, Small Cuff Bracelet by shopGoodsVintage
    Simple Vintage Silver Bracelet, Minimalist Jewelry, Cut Out Bracelet, Silver Cuff Bracelet by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Abalone and Silver Earrings, Silver Dangle Earrings, Abalone Shell Earrings, Earrings for Pierced Ears, Marcasite Earrings by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Dangle Earrings with Amethyst Stones, Statement Earrings, Long Earrings, Light Purple Gemstone by shopGoodsVintage
    Small Vintage Silver Perfume Bottle, Perfume Bottle with Screw Top and Spoon, Etched Silver Sun Bottle, Essential Oil Bottle by shopGoodsVintage
    Silver Carnelian Pendant, Dark Red Pendant, Silver and Red Jewelry, Vintage Necklace Pendant by shopGoodsVintage
    Silver and Abalone Pendant, Abalone Shell Jewelry, Round Pendant, Vintage Silver Pendant, Purple and Green Pendant by shopGoodsVintage
    Size M - L Vintage Men’s Loopwheeled Cotton Sweatshirt Jersey Union Suit with Hand Repairs by BriarVintage
    Vintage Amber and Silver Brooch, Small Amber Pin, Vintage Amber Jewelry, Unique Silver Pin by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver and Marcasite Brooch, Vintage Silver Pin, Marcasite Jewelry, Swirl Design Brooch by shopGoodsVintage
    Mix Matched Collection Dangle Earrings 80's Style for Pierced Ears Set of Five by RavenPearVintage
    Enamel Alligator Shaped Earrings Studs for Pierced Ears by RavenPearVintage
    Istanbul IST Fresh T Shirt by LooseGoods
    Primitive Baja Animal T Shirt by LooseGoods
    Art Deco Brooch, Vintage Silver Pin, Black Onyx Brooch, Marcasite Jewelry, Unique Design Pin by shopGoodsVintage
    Abstract Vintage Taxco Brooch, Vintage Silver Pin, Large Cut Out Vintage Pin, Unique Vintage Jewelry by shopGoodsVintage
    Silver Spider Ring, Large Spider Ring, Vintage Silver Ring, Insect Jewelry, Spooky Spider Ring, Statement Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Silver Blue Lapis Ring with Leaf Design, Vintage Silver Ring, Blue Lapis Jewelry, Thin Band Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Silver Shell Ring, Vintage Silver Ring, Taxco Silver Ring, Minimalist Style Jewelry, Vintage Silver Jewelry by shopGoodsVintage
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Malachite
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Amazonite
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Lava Stone
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Amethyst
    Sarah Coventry Ring, Vintage Silver Ring, Green Gemstone Ring, Sarah Cov Silver, Emerald Cut Gemstone by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Swirl Ring, Swirl Design Jewelry, Minimalist Style Jewelry, Abstract Design Ring, US Size 8 Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Silver Tree Ring with Swirl Design, Tree of Life Ring, Swirl Design Ring, Tree Jewelry, Unique Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Abstract Vintage Silver Ring, Unique Design Ring, Minimalist Style Jewelry, US Size 7 Ring, Abstract Jewelry by shopGoodsVintage
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Celestine
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Rainbow Tourmaline
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Kyanite
    Cystal Energy Bracelets - Black Tourmaline
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Snow Quartz
    Crystal Energy Bracelet - Rose Quartz