Fashion from the best independent stores of Philadelphia

    Size 6 Vintage Women’s 1920s 1930s Moc Toe Lineman Style Workwear Boots by BriarVintage
    Nikki Smith Designs - Rainbow Shimmer Ring
    Size 40x29 Vintage Men’s 1970s Washington Dee Cee Distressed & Repaired Denim Carpenter Pants by BriarVintage
    Size 42 Vintage Men’s WW2 US Army US Navy Distressed HBT Combat Shirt Utility Jacket by BriarVintage
    Size 6 1/2 Vintage Women’s 1920s 1930s Red Wing Gloria Moc Toe Lineman Style Boots by BriarVintage
    Vintage Endicott Johnson Moc Toe 16” Lineman Boots by BriarVintage
    Vintage 50s Jerry Gilden Peach Fit And Flare Eyelet Lace Dress Size XS by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s Patchwork Print Button Front Cotton Dress by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 60s Mod Girl Bright Red Button Front Ribbed Knit Mini Sweater Dress Size S by VelvetCastleVintage
    Size 9 1/2 D Vintage WW2 Korean War US Army Class A Russet Brown Low Quarters Dress Shoes Oxfords by DJ Leavenworth by BriarVintage
    Vintage Striped Cotton Blazer Size M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s Nautica Reversible Jacket Size L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 70s Deadstock Lightweight Susquehannock Camp Canvas Coach Zip Up Jacket Size M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s/90s Kids Primary Color Stiped Sweater Size S 4/5 by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s Kids Eggplant Purple Ringer Tee V Neck With Striped Sleeve Cuffs Size 7 L by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s Kids Brown Corduroy Osh Kosh Made In USA Pants Size 2T by VelvetCastleVintage
    Size 9 Vintage Clark Knee High Lineman Lace Up Boots with Double Buckle by BriarVintage
    Lavender Ribbed Turtleneck Top by LooseGoods
    Taupe Clubby Vest Zipper Top by LooseGoods
    Bright Island Flower 90s Tee by LooseGoods
    Sailing Paradise Logo Tee by LooseGoods
    Techie 90s Sporty Bodysuit by LooseGoods
    Green Nascar Print 90s T Shirt by LooseGoods
    Gold Chain Print 90s Silk Blouse by LooseGoods
    Gothy Sailboat 90s T Shirt by LooseGoods
    Vintage 90s Black Stretch Jeans by LooseGoods
    Vintage 90s Seersucker Striped Pant Suit by LooseGoods
    Marked Size 30x35 (28x34) New Old Stock Vintage Men’s 1960s US Army OG-107 Cotton Sateen Button Fly Baker Pants Utility Trousers by BriarVintage
    Vintage 70s Adorable Teddy Bear in a Sailboat Onesie by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s Kids Camping Print Unisex Pastel Onesie Size 6-9 M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s Black Leather Lace Up Combat Boots Made In USA Size 10.5D by VelvetCastleVintage
    Lime Arty Plaid 90s Maxi Dress by LooseGoods
    Cornflower Blue 90s Texture Blouse by LooseGoods
    Pastel Pink Femme 80s Shorts by LooseGoods
    Sunny Yellow 90s Breezy Blouse by LooseGoods
    Sour Apple Pucker Kiss T Shirt by LooseGoods
    Hibiscus Nike Pool Shorts by LooseGoods
    Hand Painted Flower Tee by LooseGoods
    Turquoise Vietnamese Woven Dress Shirt by LooseGoods
    Vintage 90s Girls Tweety Bird Daisy Print Shortalls Size 6 by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 1940s 1950s US Army USMC Utility Cap Repurposed and Distressed by BriarVintage
    Vintage 80s/90s Girls Healthtex Doodle Print Cotton Pants Size 3T by VelvetCastleVintage
    Sporty Purple 90s Windbreaker Jacket by LooseGoods
    Gold Satin Glamour Pants by LooseGoods
    Icy Crushed Velvet 90s Mock Turtleneck Top by LooseGoods
    Minimal Pink Loose Linen Blouse by LooseGoods
    Tropical Foliage 90s Mini Dress by LooseGoods
    Slouchy Magenta Pocket Blouse by LooseGoods
    Sexy Bikini Body 90s Beach Tee by LooseGoods
    Ribbed Cocoa 90s Soft Tee by LooseGoods
    Grunge Floral 90s Midi Dress by LooseGoods
    Classic Yellow 80s Pocket Tee by LooseGoods
    Vintage 90s Floral Print Shorts Size 4T by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 90s Girls Floral Romper With White Undershirt Size 4T by VelvetCastleVintage
    Size Small Vintage WWII Korean War US Army Highneck Sweater #3 by BriarVintage
    Size Small Vintage WWII Korean War US Army Highneck Sweater #2 by BriarVintage
    Size XS Vintage WWII Highneck Sweater in Mustard Green Wool by BriarVintage
    Size Medium Vintage Korean War US Army Highneck Sweater #4 by BriarVintage
    1950s dress Debby of California navy blue rockabilly fit flare M by RadioRadioVintage
    Lisner Green Thermoset Bracelet Double Leaf Gold Tone by RavenPearVintage
    Lime Green 90s Blazer Jacket by LooseGoods
    Simple Linen 90s Mini Dress by LooseGoods
    Cheetah Print 90s Soft Shirt by LooseGoods
    Chiffon Burnout 90s Ruffle Top by LooseGoods
    Soft Layers 90s Maxi Dress by LooseGoods
    Baggy Rose 90s Teal Tee by LooseGoods
    Young Life Sporty 90s Sweatshirt by LooseGoods
    Classic Olive Hiking Short by LooseGoods
    Fishy Batik 90s Maxi Dress by LooseGoods
    Vintage Earrings, Silver Earrings, Clip On Earrings, Unique Jewelry, Geometric Earrings, Minimalist Style, Funky Jewelry, 925 Earrings by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Earrings, Silver Earrings, Concho Earrings, Unique Jewelry, Clip On Earrings, Large Earrings, Taxco Jewelry, Taxco Earrings, 925 by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Bracelet, Silver Bracelet, Bangle Bracelet, Vintage Jewelry, Unique Jewelry, Faux Diamond Bangle, Bridal Jewelry, 925 Bracelet, by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Ring, Statement Jewelry, Turquoise Jewelry, Brass Ring, Costume Jewelry, Unique Ring, Large Ring, Gold and Blue, Brass Toned Ring, by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage 70s Ruffle Fall Floral Print Blouse Size M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Full Swing Metal Bead
    Large Goldfill Hoop Earrings
    Small Goldfill Hoop Earrings
    Chain Drop Earrings
    Large Silver Hoop Earrings
    Small Silver Hoop Earrings
    Vintage Ring, Statement Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Turquoise Ring, Silver Ring, Large Ring, Unique Jewelry, Turquoise jewelry, Chunky Ring by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage 60s Medallion Print Mod Girl Slip Dress Size S by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 80s/90s Yellow Plaid Wool Blazer With Velvet Collar And Gold Buttons Size L/XL by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage Ring, Gold Ring, Opal Ring, Opal Jewelry, 14K Gold Ring, Yellow Gold Jewelry, Engagement Ring, October Birthstone, Vintage Jewelry by shopGoodsVintage
    Vintage Distressed Levis All Cotton High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans Size 29 x 32 by VelvetCastleVintage
    Eisenberg Rhinestone Clip-On Earrings Fan Shaped Statement Bling by RavenPearVintage
    Zola Lyra Totem Neckace
    Amanda Hunt Eye Necklace
    Arrow Necklace
    Altar Necklace
    Vintage 90s Pleat Front High Waisted Plaid Shorts Size S/M by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 60s Mod Girl Op Art Skort With Gold Anchor Buttons Size XS/S by VelvetCastleVintage
    Vintage 1930s 1940s Art Deco Bronze Plate Tie Bar by Hickok by BriarVintage
    Salute to Women 90s T Shirt by LooseGoods
    Arty Kittens 90s T Shirt by LooseGoods
    Aqua Raw Silk Femme Trousers by LooseGoods
    Arty Symbols Silk Shirt by LooseGoods
    Warm Yellow 90s Casual Shorts by LooseGoods
    Woven Striped Loose Shirtdress by LooseGoods
    Lilac Tonic Simple Knit Top by LooseGoods