Christian Dior

Christian Dior from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in the greater Austin - San Antonio region

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TF419 70's Navigator Wine Dior Sunglasses
Christian Dior Plaid Skirt
Rosy Posy Dior Skirt
Christian Dior Shoulder Chain
Christian Dior Silk Tank
CHRISTIAN Dior Blue Lucite & Pearl Earrings
CHRISTIAN DIOR Beige Wovan Espadrille Boots (Sz. 36)
CHRISTIAN DIOR Blue Wide Frame Sunglasses
Vintage 1980s Christian Dior White Wool Double Breasted Retro Trench Coat Sz M
CHRISTIAN DIOR Black & White Saddle Boots (Sz. 39.5)
CHRISTIAN DIOR Black High Top Sneakers (Sz. 37)
CHRISTIAN DIOR Colorful Embroidered Sneakers (Sz. 37)
Christian Dior Pleated Bed Jacket
DIOR Canvas High Top Sneakers (Sz. 38)
Vintage 1980s Christian Dior Red Botanical Silk Dark Academia Floral Preppy Tie
Vintage 1980s Christian Dior Red 100% Silk Dark Academia Geometric Preppy Tie
CHRISTIAN DIOR S/S 2006 Tooled Leather Jacket
CHRISTIAN DIOR RESORT 2016 Runway Black + Red Gingham Blazer
CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE 80s Cherry Red Leather Blazer
CHRISTIAN DIOR 80s Black Wool Pea Coat with
Vintage Mens Christian Dior 100% Camel Hair Tan Mid Length Trench Coat Sz L
CHRISTIAN DIOR Blue & White Book Tote
Vintage Womens Christian Dior Brown Leather Skinny Preppy Waist Belt Sz S
CHRISTIAN DIOR Monogram Cashmere Shawl