Jens Risom

Jens Risom from vintage and artisan furniture stores in Los Angeles

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Jens Risom Rosewood Coffee Table
Jens Risom Walnut Lounge Chairs, ca. 1960
Rare Mid Century Modern Walnut Jens Risom Bookcase
Jens Risom C240 Chair
Jens Risom Walnut and Leather Bench, circa 1960
Mid Century Modern Sofa Style of Jens Risom
Jens Risom Walnut Bench
Rotating “Lazy Susan” Coffee Table by Jens Risom
Jens Risom 1950S Walnut C140 Playboy Lounge (Ripped)
Jens Risom 1950S Walnut C140 Playboy Lounge Chair
1960’s Vintage Jens Risom C-140 'Playboy' Side Chair
Jens Risom Walnut Bench or Coffee Table, circa 1955
Vintage Mid Century Walnut Side Table Designed by Jens Risom
Beautiful 1960's Mid-century Modern File Cabinet in Walnut - Jens Risom Design! by CyclicFurniture
Jens Risom Walnut Credenza
Jens Risom Walnut Vintage Chair
Jens Risom Chair for Knoll Furniture
Long Upholstered Bench by Jens Risom
Gorgeous 1960's Mid-century Modern Credenza Sideboard by Jens Risom Professionally Refinished! by CyclicFurniture
Vintage jens Risom gentlemen’s chair
 Vintage jens Risom lounge chair
Pair of Mid Century Modern Chairs by Jens Risom
1960’s Jens Risom vintage armchair as found