Prada from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Portland

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Prada Silk Chiffon Striped Sheer Skirt (XS)
Prada Pink Wool Knit Crewneck (M)
Baby Blue Prada Alpaca Sweater (M)
Prada Knit Flared Dress (M)
Prada Camel Pleated Flared Midi Skirt (M-L)
Prada Striped Polo (XL)
Prada Ecru Silk Slip Dress (M)
Prada Dove Tech Pencil Skirt (S-M)
Prada White Midi Pencil Skirt (XS-S)
Navy Prada Baby Flare Trousers (M)
Prada Khaki Fitted Dress (XS-S)
Prada White Denim Logo Jeans (M)
Prada Beige Trousers (M)
Prada Slate Wrap Skirt (S-M)
Soft Pink Prada Kitten Heel (38.5)
Navy Prada Baby Flare Trousers (M)
Prada Ruffle Collared Dress (M)
Prada Light Gray Dress (S)
Prada Citrus Velour Jacket (S)
Prada Black Nylon Jacket (L)
Prada Khaki Pleated Skirt (M)
Denim Selvedge Prada Midi Skirt (M)
Prada Poppy Silk Dress (M)
Grey Tech Prada Wrap Skirt (M)
Red Prada Sport Zipper MIni Skirt (M-L)