1970s Fashion

1970s era fashion from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in San Diego

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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70s Brown Calico Prairie Top
70's Safari Style Blouse
70s Folk Textile Jacket
70s Velvet Pin Stripe Blazer
70s 80s Grey Leather Shorts
Vintage 70s Saks Fifth Ave. Sky Blue Lilac Floral Print Maxi Dress w/ Hand Rolled Fairy Sleeves | Made in Italy | 1970s Designer Boho Dress
Vintage 1970s maxi sheer chiffon dress soft brown and cream with bodice beaded embellishment  8 Sm Emma Domb California
Vintage 1970’s Yellow and Red Floral Paisley Dress
70s Diamond Print Platinum Mink Fur Trench Coat
Full Length Raccoon Fur Coat / Mens Mountain Man Fur Jacket / Vintage 70s Unisex Outdoors Lumberjack Wilderness Jacket
Vintage 70s Rustic Pilgrim 2 Piece Dress, Pioneer Prairie Homestead Floral Smock
Black Calico Gunne Sax Pockets Dress / 70s Country Folk Style / Tiny Floral Corset Prairie Dress / Vintage Lace Trim Peasant Midi Mini
70s Edwardian Calico Floral Prairie Dress, Vintage Long Peasant CottageCore Style
70s Psychedelic Velvet Dress, Yellow CutOut Disco Party Outfit, Vintage Unique Cocktail Hour Short Frock
1960s Silk Chiffon Maxi Dress / Flowy Thin Angle Sleeves / Avant Garde Ethereal Disco Dress / 70s Cocktail Party Performance Dress
Vintage 70s Blood Orange Geometric Southwestern Aztec Print Handmade Midi Skirt | Bohemian, Hippie, Prairie | 1970s Artisan Boho Midi Skirt
Trippy Psychedelic Print 1970s Floral Mini Dress
1970s Cropped Stripe Sweater Rainbow
Vintage 70s Light Pink Gingham Dress / Americana Picnic Barn Dress / Country Waitress Square Dance Outdoors Short Dress
Neat Off White Mini Dress / Vintage 70s Crochet Lace Bib / Plain High Waisted Old Fashion Dress / Sheer Lace Cut Out Sleeves
70s Art Nouveau Fairy Print Dress / Etherial Victorian Printed Material / Vintage 1970s Country Toile Ivy Prairie Garden Mini
Vintage 1970's Psychedelic Lounge Jumpsuit, 70s Wide Leg Bell Bottom Palazzo Playsuit, One Piece Dagger Butterfly Collar
Vintage 70s Whimsical Plain Dress Lace Flutter Ruffle Sleeve Solid Full Skirt Mini
Classic Plain Prairie Wedding Short Dress, See Through Sheer Sleeve, Vintage 1970's Lace Bridal Mini Outfit