Kiku Imports

San Carlos, CA
985 E San Carlos Ave.
San Carlos, CA 94070

Items from this Store

Some items on this page may no longer be available. Please contact the store directly to verify availability. View the Just Arrived page for the latest items from all of ATTIC's stores.

16G2 Ko Tansu / SOLD
16G23 Ko Tansu (Awaiting restoration) / SOLD
15J1 Butsudan / Buddhist Altar / SOLD
15D3 Choba Tansu / SOLD
15D6 Choba Tansu w/ Secret Compartment / SOLD
16H1 Sendai Tansu 1 Section w/Secret Compartment / SOLD
15C5 Cha Tansu 2 Section / SOLD
16D5 Choba Tansu w/Hidden Secret Box
16H1 Sendai Tansu 1 Section w/Secret Compartment
16G2 Ko Tansu (Awaiting restoration)
16H2 Yonezawa Lacquer Tansu 2 Section(Awaiting restoration) / SOLD
16G15 Funa Tansu (Awaiting restoration) / SOLD
Sendai Tansu 1 Section
16G21  Tamo Ko Tansu
16H5 Lacquer Yonezawa Isho Tansu 2 Section
16D5 Choba Tansu (Awaiting restoration) w/Hidden Secret Box
16I1 Geta Bako Shoe Tansu
16G4 Ko  Tansu (Awaiting restoration) / SOLD
16D3 Choba Tansu w/Secret Box
16G9 Tamo Ko Tansu
16G19 Lacquer Ko Tansu
16G22 Ko Tansu
16D10 Choba Tansu (Awaiting restoration) / SOLD