Ohmega Salvage (decor)

Berkeley, CA
2400 San Pablo Ave
Berkeley, CA 94702

Empire Style Picture Frame
Bamboo Umbrella Stand
Natural Wood Cradle
Rococo Style Picture Frame
Chinese Style Blanket Chest
Set of 4 Solid Brass Decorative Corner Piece
Craftsman Oak Picture Frame
Vintage Clown Rug
Ham Palace East Front Framed Art
Repurposed Wallpaper Roll Lamp
Repurposed Wallpaper Roll Lamp
Kwan Yin Statue (Goddess of Compassion)
Antique Textile Stamp
Studio Art Pottery
Vintage Doorbell
Art Deco Iron Piece
Hand Carved Sea Man
Flower Duel Candlestick Holder
Antique Oil Lamp
Milk Glass Pendant Light
Vintage Pressed Glass Compote Dish