Sweaters from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Atlanta

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Vintage 90s Colorful Plaid Mohair Blend Cardigan Sweater - Nineties One Step Up Large Maximalism Fringed Open Knit Cardigan
Vintage Turkish Wool Navy-Blue Gold Scroll Sweater
Vintage Susan Bristol Hunter Green Burgundy Royal Wool Sweater, Size 40
Vintage Vivien Forest Black Sequin Angora Cardigan Sweater, Size L
Vintage Talbots Silk Blend Blue Hand Embroidered Floral Cardigan Coquette Sweater, Size Small
Vintage Gap Black and White Wool Snowflake Turtleneck Sweater, L
Vintage Susann D Handknitted Blue and White Floral Wool Coquette Sweater, M
Vintage Express Tricot Handknitted Nubby Crochet Sweater, L
Vintage 80's Express Tricot Black and White Handknit Snowflake Thick Wool Sweater, XS
Vintage LNI Military Braided Marching Band Black Gold Cardigan Sweater, Small
Vintage Danspin Red Grey Stripped Wool Sweater, Handknit Denmark
Vintage Hand Knit Kanata Cowichan Cardigan Dude Sweater 100% Wool Eagle Siwash
Vintage Eagle's Eye Crown Monarchy Cardigan Sweater,
Vintage LizSport Pink Starfish Linen Blend Cardigan Sweater, M
Vintage LL Bean Mohair Blend Geometric 80's Cardigan Sweater, M
Vintage 80's Marisa Christina Pink Lambswool Angora Sweater, Small
Vintage 80's Premiere Designs Wool Blend Funky Memphis Style Geometric Sweater, Size M
90s Angora Blend Sweater Vest | Vintage Black Sweater Vest | 90s Black Tank Top | Minimalist Black Sweater Vest | Small
Vintage Seventies Cream Rhinestone Cardigan - 70s XS Romantic Button Up Sweater
Vintage Red Pendleton Wool Cardigan Sweater, Size L
Vintage 80's Rosanna Mohair Blend Blue Oversized Fuzzy Cardigan Sweater, Size M
Doncaster Sport Black Embroidered Western Cardigan Sweater, Size Small
Vintage Ecuador Chunky Wool Snowflake Nordic Sweater, Large Purple Blue
Vintage Handknit Chunky Wool Ecuador Herringbone Oversized Cream and Grey Sweater, Large
Vintage Jones New York Cardigan Sweater Large Cream Nordic Hand Knit Wool Mohair Size Small