1950s Fashion

1950s era fashion from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Atlanta

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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60s White Lace Slip Dress / Wedding Nightgown / Vintage Slip / 50s Nightgowns / Size S/M
Vintage 50s Pale Blue Vanity Fair Small Bed Jacket - Fifties Nylon Short Sleeve Tie Front Bed Jacket
50s Green and White Wicker Handbag / Vinyl Bag / 60s Purse / Vintage Straw Handbag Purse
Vintage 50s Vanity Fair Pale Blue Nylon Short Sleeve Bed Jacket - Medium Fifties Peter Pan Collar Lingerie
1950s Pink Bed Jacket by Corhon Noumair - 50s Lingerie- 50s Sleepwear - Women's Vintage Size Medium
Fun Dangly Vintage 50s 60s Yellow White Beaded Cluster Clip-On Earrings
Lovely Vintage 50s 60s White AB Beaded Cluster Clip-On Earrings
Dangly Vintage 50s 60s Pearl Beaded Cluster Clip-On Earrings
Fantastic Vintage 50s 60s 70s Orange Cabochon & Rhinestone Link Choker Necklace
So Pretty Vintage 50s 60s Warm Colored Pearl Beaded Necklace
Beautiful Vintage 50s 60s White Milk Glass Beaded Statement Collar Necklace
Pretty Vintage 50s 60s Light Blue AB & Gold Beaded Cluster Clip-On Earrings
Sweet & Simple Vintage 40s 50s Turquoise Blue Glass Beaded Earrings with Screwback
Unique Vintage 50s 60s Orange & Red Glass Beaded Flower Clip-On Earrings
Sweet Vintage 50s 60s Pastel Blue, Gold & White Beaded Cluster Clip-On Earrings
GORGEOUS Vintage 50s 60s Light Blue Sugar Swirl & Square Sparkle Beaded 3-Strand Necklace
So Lovely Vintage 50s 60s Pearl Silver Crochet Collar Statement Necklace
Cute Vintage 50s 60s Very Light Blue & White Pinstripe Cotton Shorts by Catalina
Smart Vintage 50s 60s Turquoise Blue Textured 2-Piece Cropped Jacket & Skirt Set
Vintage 50s Green Tweed Jantzen XS Pencil Wiggle Skirt - Fifties XS Skirt
Pretty Vintage 50s 60s Blue Green White Little Flowers Printed Cotton Blouse
SO PRETTY & DAINTY Ethereal Vintage 40s 50s Off-White Nylon Blouse with Pintucks and Sheer Sleeves and Peplum
Beautiful Vintage 50s 60s White Cotton Blouse with Embroidered Lace Front
80s Does 50s Cotton Day Dress with Crinoline - 80s Dress - 80s Women's Vintage Size
50s Polka Dots Dress / Fit and Flare Dress / Vintage Summer Dress / White and Red Polka Dots / Size XS/S