1990s Fashion

1990s era fashion from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Chicago

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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1990s Nicole Miller Silk Telephone Vest, sz. L
1990s Purple Rose Western Pearl Snap Shirt, sz. L
1990s Colorful Striped Mini Skirt, sz. XS/S
1990s White Chain Mini Skirt, sz. S
1990s Bright Orange Bustier Top, sz. XS
1990s Lime Green Ribbed Knit Skirt, sz. S-L
1990s Black Leather Pants, sz. S
1990s Denim Cargo Midi Skirt, sz. 1X/2X
1990s Sparkly Tiger Silk Bomber Jacket, sz. 3XL
1990s Light Gold Fringe Dress, sz. XL-3XL
1990s Purple Satin Slip Dress, sz. XL
1990s Black Floral Slip Dress, sz. 3X/4X
1990s Black Painterly Floral Dress, sz. 3XL
1990s Neon Tropical Floral Dress, sz. L/XL
1990s Brown Gingham Dress, sz. 1XL
1990s Blue Stamped Floral Dress, sz XL/1XL
1990s Colorful Tropical Vacation Dress, sz. 1XL
1990s Navy Crinkle Floral Dress, sz. 2XL
1990s Sage Lattice Floral Dress, sz. 2XL
1990s Yellow Floral Dress, sz. 2XL
1990s Purple Floral Button Down Dress, sz. 3XL
1990s Navy Button Down Floral Dress, sz. 3XL
1990s Navy Hydrangea Floral Dress, sz. 1X
1990s Sage Floral Dress, sz. 2X
1990s Lime Green Knit Skirt, sz. M/L