Tops from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Chicago

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1990s Western Cardigan Sweater, sz. M
1980s Geometric Jester Sweater, sz. L
1980s Pyra Optical Knit Sweater, sz. S
1980s Neon Knit Wool Sweater, sz. S/M
1980s B&W Spotted Wave Sweater, sz. L
1990s Ralph Lauren Lime Turtleneck Sweater, sz. M
1980s Geometric Swirl V-neck Sweater, sz. S/M
1980s Purple Static Turtleneck Sweater, sz. M/L
1980s Paisley Mock neck Sweater, sz. M/L
1980s Plum Chunky Zip Up Sweater, sz. L/XL
1980s Muted Geometric Blazer, sz. M/L
Y2K Cashmere Lace Trim Sweater, sz. M/L
1990s Scottie Sweater, sz. S/M
1950s Dark and Stormy Sequined Cardigan, sz. S/M
1990s Chunky Knit Grid Sweater, sz. M/L
1980s Shapes of Gold Sweater, sz. S/M
1980s Silver Static Sequined Cardigan, sz. M/L
1980s Blue Grid Cardigan, sz. S
1970s Silver and Gold Cardigan, sz. S
1990s Azalea Cardigan, sz. M/L
1970s Red and White Fairisle Sweater, sz. M
1980s Laurel Geometric Cardigan Sweater, sz. M/L
1980s Blizzard Longline Cardigan Sweater, sz. L
1980s Time for Wine Cardigan Sweater, sz. M/L
vintage 70s kimono jacket burgundy red embroidered peacock birds duster wrap clothing