Tops from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in New York City

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Radial Rainbow Crochet Cardigan S-L
Beachy Botanical Button Vest Dress M
1970s Pastel Printed Flutter Sleeve Wrap Blouse
1990s Coach Chartreuse Green Jacket
90s Lands End Cotton Cherry Red Boyfriend Sweater
Yves Saint Laurent Blazer in Navy
Vintage 1980s Zandra Rhodes velvet brocade fitted jacket / Puff leg o mutton sleeve S
Rose Quartz Dupion Payés Blouse
Black Batiste Cotton Payés Blouse
White Linen Payés Blouse
Sky Blue Linen Paul Blouse
White Linen Paul Blouse
Lemon Butter Dupion Paul Blouse
Caramel Dupion Senso Blazer
Rose Quartz Dupion Senso Blazer
Caramel Dupion Vest
Julietta Blouse
Boy Tee
Crackerstime - Mickey Sweatshirt (3X)
Crackerstime - Vivika Tee (3X)
Crackerstime - Meredith Tee (3X)
Crackerstime - Lexi Sweatshirt (5X)
Crackerstime - Jerri Tee (3X)
Crackerstime - Eddie Tee (XL)
Crackerstime - Froggy Sweatshirt (5X)