Victorian era fashion

Victorian era fashion from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in New York City

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white Victorian cotton top with ribbon / XXS / XS
Victorian Black Hand Beaded Silk Net Fringed Mantle Cape
Victorian Black Wool/Cotton Sateen  Silk Lace Leg-O-Mutton Sleved Blouse
Victorian White Cotton Mens 4-Pocket Buckle Back Vest With Beautiful Buttons  An Interesting Weave
Victorian White Hand Made Lace Jacket
Victorian Black Hand Made Lace Jacket
Victorian White Floral Top With Long Sleeves
Victorian White Cotton Crochet Lace Top
Victorian White Irish Crochet Long Jacket With Sleeve
Victorian Off White Battenberg Lace Jacket With Long Sleeves
Victorian Cream Irish Crochet Short Jacket
Victorian Off White Cotton Lace Top With Elastic Waist
Victorian Cream Silk Blend Hand Made Woven Lace Jacket With Bows
Victorian White Organic Cotton Jacket With Handmade Lace Trim
1960s does Victorian Puff Sleeve Velvet Dress
Victorian Morphew Collection White Cotton Lace Dress
Victorian Ivory Organic Cotton & Lace Trimmed Skirt
1950S White Cotton Victorian Style Night Shirt Dress
Antique Victorian Embroidered Black Silk Satin + Beaded Net Blouse
Delicate pink lace Victorian inspired wedding dress
Antique Victorian Royal Purple Button Down Jacket
Victorian Green Cotton Velvet Rare Men's Antique Theatrical Pants With Metallic Silver Embroidery
Victorian crochet steel mini miser purse, 1920s coin purse, change purse, beaded purse, green reticule
Victorian crochet steel miser purse, coin purse, change purse, beaded purse, navy blue reticule
1960S Floral Printed Cotton Twill Victorian Revival Dress With White Lace Sleeves