Blue from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in New York City

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vintage off white and blue leather bag
Vintage 1960s Dress / 60s Hawaiian Floral Wrap Dress / Blue White ( XS extra small )
Vintage 50s Wiggle Dress / 1950s 1960s Floral Blue Dress / 60s Wool Dress Mad Men Pencil Skirt / Small Medium / Holiday VLV Pin Up Pinup
1930S White  Blue Nylon Floral Slip Dress With Lace Trim Neckline
Fendi Blue Logo Tie Skirt
Comme des Garcons Vintage 1998 Navy Blue Padded Hip Dress
Chanel Blue Rimless Sunglasses
Wild & Lethal Trash 90s blue printed ruched top
Wild & Lethal Trash 90s blue printed ruched puff sleeve top
1980s Blue Nickelodeon T-Shirt
1980s Teal Printed Skirt
1980S Per Spook Couture Teal Metallic Silk Lurex Chiffon Military Styled Blouse
Blue Chimayo Jacket
Bronzed Blue Moire Tropic Set M
Vintage French Designer Carved Blue Lucite Flower Earrings
Exquisite 1980s Dior Blue Jewel Earrings
French Designer JACKY DE G Poured Blue Glass Earrings
Vintage Blue + White Wool Zigzag Sweater
1970s does 1930s Cornflower Blue Crochet Sweater
Roberto Cavalli Blue Floral Print Tie Dress
80s Teal Silk Suit Set
Vintage 1980s Dress / 80s Leonard Paris Silk Mutton Sleeve Dress / Blue Green ( small S )
Chanel Blue Plaid Shorts
Vintage 1970s Dress / 70s Butterfly Print Cotton Maxi Dress / Blue ( XS S )
Vintage 1930s Dress / 30s Eyelet Cotton Lace Dress / Navy Blue ( XS S )