Blue from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in the Miami, Palm Beach, and Ft Lauderdale areas

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70's Southwestern turquoise onyx sterling flower pendant, mosaic 925 silver serpentine chain necklace
50's micro mosaic oval flowers pin, vibrant blue background gold plate floral safety pin brooch
90s Vintage Blue Black Sequin Jacket Size Medium Cobalt Blue and Black Sequin Stretch Jacket Blazer 80s 90s Party Glam Jacket Size Medium
80s 90s Vintage Escada Nautical Sweater Navy Blue Black Gold Metallic Sweater Small Medium Boating Sailing Beach Sweater with Alligator
Irene Galitzine Navy Blue Wool Racer Neck Fitted Sheath Braid Trim Dress
Louis Feraud Blue Damask Dark Blue Silk Tiered Poof Evening Gown With Train
Tiny 40's sterling celluloid peony buds scatter pin, whimsical 925 silver faux turquoise flowers brooch
70's lapis lazuli sterling hippie bracelet, funky hand carved blue beads 925 silver rocker stacker
Vintage Sequin Jacket Beaded Metallic Bolero with Zodiac signs ASTROLOGY by Michael Hoban North beach Leather XS Small Celestial Blue Bronze
60's sterling gemstone happy dancer rainbow pin pendant, matte 925 silver emerald sapphire tourmaline aqua amethyst abstract dance brooch
70's turquoise sterling size 7.25 Southwestern solitaire, unusual 925 silver blue stone rocker ring
50s White Blue Bead Handle Purse Vintage Coin Purse Evening Party Clutch
Vintage retro style blue shirt / vintage blue piped shirt / vintage blue shirt / vintage blue short sleeve shirt  / unisex blue shirt
Chunky 80's sodalite bead & barrel 925 silver necklace, big funky sterling blue stones statement
60's rhinestone gold filled sea turtle brooch, whimsical bedazzled 12k GF marine animal pin
80's blue flash moonstone sterling teardrop pendant, vibrant 925 silver serpentine twist necklace
Elegant 80's sapphire ovals & diamond stars in 925 sterling silver vermeil dangle earrings
60's Mexico 925 silver glass evil eye pendant, lucky AD Eagle 2 sterling blue eye of god necklace
70's bear paw & feathers sterling turquoise dangles, 925 silver tribal Southwestern shadow box earrings
Big vintage Jay King DTR size 9 sterling turquoise ring, Southwestern Desert Rose Trading 925 silver solitaire
90s Vintage Versace Jeans Couture Jeans Size 36 50 Medium Large 90s Versace Blue Jeans Size 10 12 90s Relaxed Fit Medium Was Jeans Pants
90s Vintage Versace Pants Jeans White Blue Yellow Printed Versace Pants Size 32 Italian Vintage Fashion Designer Size Small Medium
70s Dark Blue High Waisted Denim Pants Vintage Fitted Brown Leather Flared Jeans
60s 70s Vintage Navy Blue Beaver Fur Cape Cropped Jacket // Vintage Dark Navy Blue Fur Capelet Jacket Winter Wedding Fur Stole Navy Blue
60s 70s Vintage Navy Blue Beaver Fur Cape Poncho  // Vintage Dark Navy Blue Fur Capelet Jacket Winter Wedding Fur Stole Navy Blue Fur Cape