Face Masks

Locally made face masks for safe, healthy and fashionable pandemic living from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in New York City

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
Use the "Check Availability" buttons on individual item pages or inquire with the dealer directly.
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Chanel Logo Face Mask
Antique Enameled Mask Charm
Vivienne Tam 90s mask print mesh skirt
Men's Cat Print Cotton Face Mask, Large Adult Mask, Bearded Men, Reusable, Washable, Kitsch, Fun, Hearing Aid Mask, Nose Wire, Made in USA
Purple Calico Paisley Print Mask, Reusable 3 Ply Cotton Mask, Pleated + Patterned, Medium Womens Size, Cool + Well Made, Choice of Fastening
Blue Calico Print Cotton Mask, Large Adult Size, Men with Beards, Hearing Aid Compatible, Adjustable Straps, Cool + Chic, Flexible Nose Wire
Women's Printed Cotton Face Mask, Lady + Cherry Print, Medium Adult Mask, Reversible, Machine Washable, Elastic + Ties, Handmade in USA, Fun
Women's Kitten Print Cotton Face Mask, Resuable + Machine Washable, Tie + Elastic, Hearing Aid Mask, Nose Wire, Reversible, Handmade in USA
Children's Space Print Cotton Face Mask, Astronauts Planets + Spaceships, Cute Fun Small Kid's Reusable Patterned Tie Mask, Machine Washable
Children's Patterned Cotton Face Mask, Small Child's Floral Print Mask, Toddler Face Mask, Filter Pocket, Adjustable Ties, Reusable Washable
Pleated Dice Print Mask, Dominoes Face Mask, Orange + Pink, Fun Mixed Print, 3 Ply Cotton, Medium Size, Reversible, Nose Wire, Filter Pocket
Vintage Dutch bandana, soft to touch old stock, Perfect for a mask substitute.
Kid's Patterned Cotton Face Mask, Pink Glitter Fantasy Fairy Print, Children's Small Tie Mask, Cute Fun Girls + Boys Mask with Filter Pocket
Mint Daisy Print Mask, Light Cotton Mask, Medium Adult, Art Nouveau Floral, Pretty + Chic, Reversible, Hearing Aid Compatible, Adjustable
Men's Patterned Cotton Face Mask, Large Adult Mask, Elastic Mask, Mask for Bearded Men, Reusable, Washable, Flexible Nose Wire, Made in USA
Cherry Print Mask, Large Adult Mask, Cotton Men's Mask, Mint Green + Red, Reversible, Adjustable Ear Loops, Machine Washable, Handmade In US
Large Calico Print Cotton Mask, Adjustable Ear Loops + Ties, Hearing Aid Compatible Mask, Chic + Cool, For Bearded Men, Flexible Nose Wire
Embroidered Rose Mask, Vintage Floral White Linen Mask, Pretty + Chic, Medium Size, One of a Kind, Reversible, Nose Wire, Handmade in USA
Embroidered Rose Mask, Vintage Floral White Linen Mask, Repurposed Fabric, Women's Medium Mask, Hearing Aid Compatible, Reversible, Handmade
Women's Printed Cotton Face Mask, Pretty Vintage 1940s Spider Web Rose Print Mask, Lilac Purple Floral, Washable, Reversible, Beautiful Mask
Women's Face Mask, Atsuko Matsuyama Yellow Floral + Deer Print Cotton, Medium Adult Mask, Pretty Patterned Reversible Mask, Handmade in USA
Vintage Mardi Gras Mask Pin - Bentley Lovelace Masquerade Brooch
Silk Eye Mask | Midnight Onasis Floral
Silk Eye Mask | Ecru Tiger
Silk Eye Mask | Midnight Lace