Varsity Jackets and Sweaters

Varsity Jackets and Sweaters from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Vintage 1940s Wool Coat Peacoat Snap Varsity Jacket Chain Stitched Sheila Winter Costume Wolf's Sport Shops Rockville Black Gold 40s Medium
Vintage 1960s Varsity Jacket / Wool & Leather Varsity Jacket / Vintage Campus Letterman Jacket / Monmouth Boosters Varsity Jacket AS IS
Off-White - Blue & Iridescent Letterman Style Jacket Sz S
Parker - Pink & Grey Letterman Style Jacket Sz S
Vintage Pullover Varsity Sweater / Vintage Knit Varsity Sweater / Vintage Navy Blue Knit Varsity Sweater / Vintage V F Letterman Sweater
Vintage Ebbets Field Flannels "Maple" Wool Varsity Jacket
Rare  1950s Harley Davidson Varsity Jacket 42 Chest Vintage Menswear
Vintage Felco Athletic Wear "John Handley Judges" Wool Varsity Jacket
Vintage Maroon Wool Varsity Jacket
Authentic Vintage 50’s Varsity Sweater
Vintage Outkast "Idlewild" Universal Pictures Promotional Wool Varsity Jacket
Vintage BET "10th Anniversary" Wool Varsity Jacket
Vintage ABA BMX "Varsity" Letterman Jacket
Vintage Green Wool Letterman Varsity Jacket
Vintage Black & Orange Varsity Letterman Jacket
Vintage Panther Athletic Knit Sweater/ 1980s Blue and White Cropped Hooded Varsity Jacket/ Size Medium
Vintage Birdie Varsity Jacket Windbreaker Bomber Rockville Soccer Club High School Hipster Coat Lizzy Marching Band Red White USA Small XS
Vintage WeskArk Varsity Jacket Windbreaker 1990s Bomber Woodland High School Hipster Coat 90s Medium Large Monica Marching Band Red White
1940s 1950s Wool Letterman Jacket / True Vintage High School Letterman Jacket / Vintage Athletic Jacket / Blue Wool Varsity Jacket 42
1950s Wool Letterman Jacket / True Vintage College Letterman Jacket / Vintage Athletic Jacket / Maroon Wool Varsity Jacket 36 / Nancy Jacket
Vintage 1960s Letterman Jacket / Vintage Gray Wool Varsity Jacket / 1960s Letterman / Gray Wool 1960s Football Varsity Jacket Black Leather
Vintage 1950s Letterman Jacket / Vintage Maroon Wool Varsity Jacket / 1950s Devils Letterman / Varsity Football Jacket / Vintage Devils
Vintage 1940s Varsity Sweater / Vintage Football Varsity Cardigan Sweater / Vintage Wool Cardigan / Vintage Collegiate Sweater / Letterman
Vintage 1950s Varsity Sweater / Vintage Letterman Sweater / Vintage 1960s Varsity Cardigan / Collegiate Sweater / Vintage Key Club Patch
Vintage Satin Varsity Jacket / Vintage Gold and Red Jacket / Beverly Hills Jacket / Vintage Style Eyes Sportswear Jacket / Toyo Industries