Necklaces from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in DC, Baltimore, Maryland and Virginia

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Handmade Henna Hand Necklace
Scarf Necklace
Love Chain Necklace
Sword Necklace
Black Strand Necklace
Anna Beck - Black Onyx 18K Gold Plated Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Victorian Violet Necklace
Faceted Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace
Mini Rainbow Moonstone Necklace — A.M. Thorne Trunk Show
The Zodiac Necklace Part III | Stainless Steel Font Charm Chain Necklace | Hypoallergenic Jewelry | Birthday Gift | Astrology | Text Jewelry
Razzle Dazzle Druzy Pendant Handmade Art One of a Kind Necklace
Rhodochrosite and Rainbow Moonstone Necklace
The Zodiac Unisex Necklace Part IV | Stainless Steel Charm Necklace | Hypoallergenic Jewelry | Birthday Gift | Birth Signs | Sagittarius
Victoria Cunningham | 14k 16" Golden Flake Necklace
Victoria Cunningham | 14k Gold Medium Flake Necklace
Victoria Cunningham | 14kg Small Golden Flake Necklace
Victoria Cunningham | 14k Gold Large Disc Necklace
Victoria Cunningham | 14k Double Disc Drop Diamond Necklace
Victoria Cunningham | Small Diamond Splash Necklace
Victoria Cunningham | 7 Tiny Disk Necklace
Victoria Cunningham | Small Golden Flake Cluster Necklace
Yolande Necklace
Joyce Necklace
Piece Necklace
Hema Necklace