Necklaces from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Boston and New England

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Brass Solidarity Necklace
Brass and Moissanite Universe Necklace
Brass and Moissanite Empathy Necklace
15.7" Lucky Heart Mini Gigi Necklace - EMERALD + Yellow Gold
16.5" Gigi Supreme Classic 1 Diamond Necklace - Lapis + Yellow Gold
16.5" Side Cross Charm Classic Gigi Necklace - WHITE + YELLOW GOLD
16.5" Classic Gigi Necklace - VIOLET + YELLOW GOLD
Floating Diamond Heart Necklace - 14K Yellow Gold
Bronze and White Diamond 'Illuminate Your Essence' Ananda Necklace
Vintage Seed Bead Braided Rope Necklace Red Blue Belt Indigenous Native Made
Vintage CZ Black & White Pendant Necklace - Dainty Vintage Necklace Swirl Minimalist
Sterling Silver White Bone Wing Ava Necklace
Sterling Silver Claire Necklace
Bronze Whisper Necklace
Brass Lia Necklace
Silver V Necklace
Silver Wings Necklace
Triple strand necklace and cluster earrings - 1960s vintage - cantaloupe, green and brown
16.5" Classic Gigi Necklace - Rosée + Rose Gold
16.5" Classic Gigi Necklace - MINT + YELLOW GOLD
16.5" Classic Gigi Necklace - SPARKLE + YELLOW GOLD
16.5" Classic Gigi Necklace - CANDY + YELLOW GOLD
16.5" Classic Gigi Necklace - BLUE + YELLOW GOLD
16.5" Classic Gigi Necklace - JEANS + YELLOW GOLD
Aurora borealis crystal necklace - two strands - vintage costume jewelry