Leather clothing goods from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Boston and New England

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Petite Brown Leather Luminosa Purse Necklace
Petite Black Leather Luminosa Purse Necklace
Petite Ivory Leather Purse Luminosa Necklace
Leather Easy Bag in WAXY CINNAMON Only
Cement Leather Mobile Bag
Cement Leather Crossbody Bag in CEMENT only
Black Leather Mobile Bag
Waxy Cinnamon Leather Mobile Bag
Porcelain Rabbit Head Leather Choker
Panther Head Leather Choker
Vintage Leather & Cowhide Shoulder Bag with Horn Closure
Sleeveless High Neck Leather Top
Leather Revolver Bag
Leather Crossover Bag
Yellow Leather Harness Strap Backpack
Black Leather Harness Strap Backpack
White Leather Harness Strap Backpack
Damba Laser Cut Leather Vest with Silk Inserts
Thin Leather Extreme Wrap Belt
Leather Belt with Hanging Strap Detail
Leather Harness/Belt
Bold Geometric Studded Leather Belt
Studded Leather Wrap Belt
Damba Laser Cut Leather and Silk Scarf
Leather and Tulle Detail Maxi Dress