Suede from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Boston and New England

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Vintage Ferragamo Avocado Suede Handbag
Vintage Brown Suede Jacket, Large, 70s Style Wilson's Leather Coat
Vintage Mod Swing Coat, Large / 1960s Vegan Suede Trapeze Coat / Cocoa Brown Fleece Lined Jacket
70’s Corval Renaissance Themed Studded Lace Up Sleeve Buckle Closure Latice Leather Suede Jacket Coat
90’s Yansi Fugel Designer Buckskin Suede Key Lime Grass Green Handmade Skirt
Vintage Black Hand Stitched Suede Gloves - Driving Gloves - Black Leather Slim Fit Gloves - Small Size | Bixley Shop
Vintage Fendi Brown Suede Leather Gloves
Vintage Ben Kahn Taupe Suede Coat with Quilted Fur Lining Medium
Vintage Green Buckskin Suede Vest M/L
Vintage Green Buckskin Suede Skirt M/L
Vintage Furs Ettex Insulated Black Suede Cape M/L
Vintage Ferragamo Deep Orange/Brick Crosshatch Suede Foldover Handbag
Vintage Ferragamo Fuchsia Suede Crossbody Handbag
Vintage Bottega Veneta Marigold Woven Suede Drawstring Bag
Vintage Hugo Boss Mustard Yellow Suede Sport Jacket Large
Vintage Mustard Yellow Italian Leather Suede Jacket Large
Vintage Valentino Suede Skirt 28" Waist
Vintage Max Mara Tan Suede Leather Jacket M
Oskan Moon Shoulder Bag - Azure Suede
70’s Golden Thread Brown Suede Leather Fitted Bell Bottom Snap Front Pants
Vintage Gucci Suede + Bamboo Mini Backpack
1970s vintage sleeveless tan suede cloth top - size medium
Classic Hushpuppies Shoes • Mauve / Pink Suede • Lace Up • Oxfords • 1980s • Women’s 10 • Rockabilly • Preppy • Retro • Spring / Summer
Deo Brown Suede Elongated Change Purse
Vintage 1970s Suede Fringe Vest + Skirt Set Extra Small