Wool clothing goods from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Boston and New England

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Asymmetric Wool Blend Knit Cardigan in BONE or DIJON
Asymmetric Wool Blend Drop Shoulder Pullover in BONE or DIJON
Asymmetric Wool Blend Tank Top in BONE or DIJON
1980s Wool Cape Coat | Vuokko
Soft Wool Dress - Pale Olive
1980s Wool Coat | Jean Paul Gaultier Gibo
Wool Silk Blanket Scarf
MILLY Vintage Cropped Mohair Jacket - Size 6 - Hot Pink 1990s 90s Clueless Retro Feminine Wool Blend Lined Barbie Bow Elbow Sleeve Designer
The KANDAHAR by Bert Charon Vintage V-Neck Virgin Wool Varsity Sweater - Size Small Preppy 1950s 50s Ivory Ivy League Sports Pullover
JANTZEN Vintage Sleeveless 100% Virgin Wool Top - Size Small 38 - Pastel Yellow Tank 1960s 60s Retro Midcentury
BOBBIE BROOKS Vintage Women's Wool Blazer - Size Small - Bright Blue - 1970s 70s 3 Button Closure Pointy Collar
Vintage 1970s Nina Ricci Knit Set | S | Designer Vintage Skirt and Blouse Dress Set | Knitted Wool / Angora Blend
Vintage 1980s Wool Cable Knit with Visible Mending | Cableknit Fisherman's Sweater with Contrast Patches
Neu Cosmos Painted Wool Blend Cocoon Vest
Bauhaus Open Back Tie Waist Asymmetric Wool Blend Vest
Kerstin Wool Jacket - Navy
Vintage Plaid Swing Skirt, Small, 70s Wool Blend Pastel Plaid Flared Midi Skirt
Vintage Pleated Wool Skirt, Small, Tartan Plaid School Girl Skirt, Topstitch Pleated Turnabout Skirt
Vintage Pleated Skirt, Extra Small, Beige Wool Swing Skirt, Light Brown Flared Midi Skirt with Pockets
1990s Wool Coat | Romeo Gigli for Callaghan
Black Wool Vest | Y's Red Label
Long Wool Coat With Zippers
Oversized Wool Blend Sheer Stripes Knit Pullover
Vintage Dark Blue Blazer, Medium, Navy Blue Button Front Jacket, Dark Academia Wool Sportcoat
80’s Pioneer Wear Southwestern Serape Turquoise Pink Blanket Wool Coat Duster