Blouses from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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1980s Chloe Floral Blouse with Cravat
vintage 90's silk striped blouse (Size: XS)
vintage 70's ruffle blouse (Size: 23")
vintage 90's faux wrap blouse (Size: M)
Edwardian 1900s-1910s Eyelet Lace Blouse / M
Edwardian 1900s 1910s Eyelet High Neck Blouse / M-L
Vintage 1960s Daffodil Yellow Ruffled Blouse / M
Vintage 1950s White Sheer Nylon Blouse / M
Vintage 1930s Embroidered Swissdot Blouse / S-M
1960's Hermès Printed Blouse
1980's Valentino Bomber Blouse
1970's Valentino V-Print Blouse
1970's Valentino Houndstooth Blouse
1970's Valentino Blouse & Scarf
Black Sheer Blouse
Brown Patterned Blouse
vintage 70's stand collar blouse (Size: M)
90s Silk Turquoise Short Sleeve Minimal Blouse | Medium/Large
vintage 90's silk blouse (Size: S)
Vintage 80s Gunne Sax Jessica McClintock Blouse // Victorian Edwardian Lace White Sheer Shirt with Ribbon
vintage 70's polka dot blouse (Size: S)
vintage 60's sleeveless blouse (Size: M)
90s Pure Silk Liquid Satin Dark Olive Green Button Up Blouse | Medium/Large
Bronze Southwestern Motif Silk Blouse
vintage 80's necktie blouse (Size: M)