Early 20th Century Fashion

Early 20th century era fashion (1900s to the 1940s) from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Vintage 1930s Striped Cotton Beach Pajamas / M
Vintage 1920s Flapper Dress / L
Vintage 1940s Red, Blue & White Plaid Dress / XS
Badge for Naval Pilots Naval Land Pilots WWI 1940s Prussia Germany Military Memorabilia Navy Medal Bronze Silver Pin Bird Sea World War One
1940's Brass Bead 11 Stand Necklace
vintage 40's Turner floral print wall hanging (Size: XXL)
Edwardian 1900s-1910s Eyelet Lace Blouse / M
1930's Golden Cloud Pajamas
Vintage 1940s Blush Prink Sheer Negligee / M
Vintage 1940s Sheer Hot Pink Floral Dress / XS
Edwardian 1900s 1910s Eyelet High Neck Blouse / M-L
1920s Art Deco Dresden Mesh Bag
Vintage 1930s Embroidered Swissdot Blouse / S-M
Vintage 1930s Lavender Purple Dress / XS
1940's Gab Jacket - Rayon Gabardine - Satin Lined - Low Flap Patch Pockets - Belted Side Tabs - Rounded Lapels - Size Medium to Large
Vintage 1980s does 1940s Fruit Novelty Print Playsuit set / S
Vintage 1930s Embroidered White Organza Dress / XXS
Late 30's Sheer Lace Dress - Beautifully Detailed Full Length Lace - Flaring Skirt - Metal Size Zipper - Old Hollywood Glamour - Size Medium
1940's Rayon Gabardine Shirt - Gray Gabardine - MARLBORO Label - Pleated Flap Patch Pockets - Loop Collar - Men's Size Medium - As Is
Vintage 1940s Navy Sheer Lace Dress / M
1940'S Floral Scarf - PURE SILK - Town & Country - Vintage colors of Red Roses with Blue  and Cream - 34 Inches x  36 Inches
1940's-50's Art Deco Scarf - SILK Jacquard Print - Awesome Colors - Maroon, Navy, Tan & Cream  - Fringe Details
1920'S PIANO SHAWL - Vintage Pink Color - All Silk - Long Woven Fringe - 46 Inch Square Plus 22 Inches of Fringe Around
Vintage 1940s Lamb Novelty Print Bikini Top / Sun Halter Top // XXS
Vintage 1940s Novelty Print Jantzen Cotton Swimsuit / Sunsuit // XS