Early 20th Century Fashion

Early 20th century era fashion (1900s to the 1940s) from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Philadelphia

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Size 40x30 Vintage 1930s Salt and Pepper Convert Cloth Cotton Workwear Work Pants 2222
Size 40x31 1/2 Vintage 1930s Salt and Pepper Convert Cloth Cotton Workwear Work Pants 2223
Size 34/36 Vintage 1930s Double Breasted Belt Back Striped Jacket and Vest 2225
Size 36/38 Vintage 1930s 4x2 Patch Pocket Belt Back Double Breasted Jacket 2224
1920s Art Deco Chrome Plated Silver And Bakelite Collar
1930s Hungarian Embroidered Cotton Voile Peasant Top
Size Small Vintage 1930s 1940s Striped Cotton Spearpoint Collar Pullover French Cuff Dress Shirt 2215
Size 44x26 Vintage 1900s Moleskin Buckleback Work Pants Trousers 2211
Size M Vintage 1930s 1940s Women’s Rayon Crepe Blouse 2207
Size M/L Vintage 1940s 1950s Women’s Red Printed  Rayon Dagger Collar  Sleeveless Blouse 2202
1920s Black Silk Embroidered Extra Large Piano Shawl
1920s Creme Silk Embroidered Fringed Piano Shawl
1940s 1950s Printed Diamond Point Butterfly Bow Tie by Invizo
1940s 1950s Vintage Neat Pattern Bow Tie by Invizo
1940s Plaid Palm Beach Cloth Bow Tie
1940s Pale Yellow Organza Embroidered Top
1940s Black Crepe Calico Floral Zip Dress
Rare 1920s Golden
RARE 1920s Tartan Silk Stockings
vintage 1940’s ‘50s Delill micro beaded handbag | pink & white, embroidered flowers, bridal, wedding, prom bag
1970s Does 1940s Reminiscence Novelty Print Sun Dress
30s Embroidered Silk Skirt - W28
40s Contrast Seam Top
1940s Verdant Green Perfectly Mottled Sweater
40s Lace Detail Midi Dress