Mini Skirts

Mini Skirts from vintage, locally designed and unique fashion stores in Philadelphia

The items listed on this page, especially older ones, may no longer be available.
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Linen Blend Khaki Mini-Skirt - 1990s
90s Houndstooth Micro Miniskirt - W26
Vintage Baby Peach Silk Miniskirt - W27
1970s Tartan Wool Pleated Mini Skirt
Geometric Jacquard Matching Top and Mini Skirt Set - 1990s
90s Plaid Wool Miniskirt - W27
Vintage Chocolate Suede Miniskirt - W26
90s Tangerine Miniskirt - W26
90s Jet Black Miniskirt - W28
80s Jewel Miniskirt - W24
1990s Burnt Orange Plaid Wool Mini Skirt
90s Versus Versace Miniskirt - W29
90s Tea Green Miniskirt - W25
90s Polo Jeans Co. Suede Miniskirt - W31
Vintage Eggplant Miniskirt - W24
Vintage 90s Brown Plaid Pleated School Girl Mini Skirt Made In USA Size 30 Waist
90s Snake Print Miniskirt - W26
90s Khaki Miniskirt - W28
Vintage Multicolored Checked Miniskirt - W28
Vintage Velvety Miniskirt Set - W28+
60s Originala for Saks Miniskirt Suit - W25
90s Mulberry Miniskirt Suit - W28
Vintage Royal Miniskirt Suit - W29
Vintage Tweed Miniskirt Suit - W27+
90s Studio 0001 by Ferre Miniskirt Suit - W28